Child-led drama in three easy steps!

The seemingly boundless energy of a toddler or young child can tire even the most active of adults as they spill out into the world and through early childhood; first of all crawling, then cruising, toddling, walking then running, tumbling and exploring. The first year of a child’s life is a time of rapid and astonishing development, but it’s somewhere towards the end of a child’s second year that something truly magical happens – the imagination starts to unfold!... Read more

Annual Seminar 2017

Last weekend our franchisees packed their bags and made their way to Manchester for our Annual Seminar, flooding the city with a sea of red. Setting out from all corners of the UK and even California, they arrived raring to go, each determined to make the very most out of our two days together - to meet new franchisees, catch up with old friends and most importantly to learn how they could continue to grow their Pyjama Drama businesses. And boy did we learn a LOT!... Read more

Moving on up down under!

If you’ve ever been luckily enough to meet Amanda you’ll know she has an infectious energy and passion for life. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to work with her, you’ll also know how determined and tenacious she is, and how incredibly passionate about her business.... Read more

When teamwork works!

Anthony and Ana-Maria are both experienced actors, are engaged to be married this coming autumn and have recently combined their passion for drama and working with young children to go in to business together running a Pyjama Drama franchise in the Guildford and Surrey Hills area. With so many changes on the horizon, and 2017 set to be a year of huge change, we wanted to find out more about this dynamic duo...... Read more

Time for a new adventure

Phylly Jones, finalist for BFA young franchisee of the year in 2014, joined Pyjama Drama straight out of University when she was just twenty one years old. And, after a whirlwind five years running her business, Phylly is about to embark on a new adventure teaching Pyjama Drama in Malaysia! ... Read more

Time to celebrate!

We're thrilled to announce our fabulous franchisee in Shrewsbury and Oswestry, Jane Liddiatt, has been shortlisted for a Businesses for Children Award!... Read more

Hair fit for a Princess

The lovely Victoria, our franchisee from Devon, has recently changed her appearance. Children in Victoria's classes are used to seeing her long, flowing locks tied back in a plait, out of the way for lots of pretending!... Read more

Road Safety Week 2016

Pyjama Drama is the perfect vehicle (excuse the pun!) to teach children road safety; sessions use drama to place children in a range of situations such as crossing busy roads when distracted, walking on roads without curbs or navigating islands and crossings. Role play, storytelling and pretend encourage children to ‘trial’ these situations in the safety of the drama and explore a range of consequences. Original music and imaginative games aid children’s understanding of the importance using the green cross code and wearing high visibility clothing in such a fun way that they won’t even realise they are learning!... Read more

Meet Hollie…

Meet Hollie, a new member of the Pyjama Drama team, and learn more about running your own Pyjama Drama franchise!... Read more

A princess adventure in Perth!

“Is it my party yet, mumma? When is it my paaarty?” To say that Ada was excited in the lead up to her third birthday party would be a gross and misleading understatement. For many, many months, the bedtime routine involved an in-depth discussion about the seemingly endless options for presents, cakes, and costumes. And she just couldn’t make up her mind. From Tinkerbell to Minnie Mouse, Dory to Ninja Turtles, we were no closer to choosing a theme only a few weeks out from the big day. We were close, however, to wearing a hole in BIG W’s party aisle.... Read more

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