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Imagination, pretending and role play are at the heart of what we do at Pyjama Drama. Children do it instinctively and they get lots and lots of enjoyment out of it. As we grow up and with an increasing number of distractions, it can be easy to forget how to play like this, how to lose yourself in an imaginary world. In our classes we encourage all our parents to put the rest of the world on hold for half an hour or so and throw themselves into the magic. As you play and pretend together with your child you'll be blown away by their incredible imaginations and reminded about how special it is to be a child.

These are our most commoly asked questions; get in touch if you'd like to know anything else!

Which class is right for my child?
We run four different types of drama classes, each differentiated to ensure that all activities are just right for each child's individual developmental stage:

Dewdrops - babies from around six months and for younger toddlers just beginning to explore the world on their feet!
Raindrops - older toddlers who are starting to discover the amazing world that is their imagination...
Rainbows - pre-school children who are becoming increasingly independent and whose imaginations are blossoming
Sunbeams - older children (approx 5 - 7 years) who are able to work with more independence and take their dramatic understanding to the next level

Our teachers will do their best to make sure your that child is in the class most appropriate and that they are happy and making progress. Your teacher will also recommend when they feel your child may benefit from moving to the next class, and it is important to remember that as all children develop at different rates, age is only one factor taken in to consideration.

Will my child learn anything?
Yes!  As well as being lots of fun, drama improves communications skills, builds confidence and develops creative thinking, a vitally important life skill. You can read more about the benefits of drama in the drama section of our website.

Will I be expected to join in?
As all children are different, some may need more input from parents and carers than others. But regardless of whether they are a bit shy or very extrovert, your child will really enjoy you singing, pretending and having fun with them in the class.  You'll also learn some new games that you might like to play at home.  It's likely that as your child grows in confidence, you may take a step back from some parts of the class but we do ask that parents refrain from talking amongst themselves as it can be very distracting for the children.

Why do we have to book a three week trial?
Pyjama Drama has been shown to have real demonstrable benefit for a child’s development and the effect is cumulative; many parents tell us that they see this after only 3 weeks. After this short amount of time a child may develop the confidence to join in a game on their own or take on a role in the drama, sit with concentration and listen to the leader or learn to take turns with their new friends for example. This is why we offer a no obligation, 3 week trial which allows children and their parents the opportunity to experience the true value of our classes and provides a much clearer picture of how they can help to boost their child's development.

Will my child receive a t-shirt?
Yes, if you decide to join after your three week trial, your child will be given a Pyjama Drama t-shirt to wear in class which we hope they'll love to wear!

How do I book?
To find your nearest class in the and book a place, please visit the find a drama class near you page.

Have fun!


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