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What is Pyjama Drama?

Pyjama Drama provides unique drama based classes for babies, toddlers and children up to seven years old. The sessions are packed full of drama games and activities, original songs and music, movement and role-play; all of which develop key skills in children, such as confidence, communication, co-operation and creative thinking.  We work with hundreds of nurseries across the UK and more recently in Australia, California and Malaysia, to complement and enhance the range of activities they offer to their children.

What happens in our classes

In each class children sing and dance, play games and of course get involved in lots of role play and pretending. Every week we explore a different theme and have literally hundreds of sessions covering a wide range of topics - one week we may fly to the moon, the next take our poorly dog to the vets and the next swim under the ocean with a friendly shark! Our innovative approach to drama means that wherever possible we encourage children to take an active role within the drama we create (yes, even babies as young as six months!) and where appropriate to lead the direction of the drama themselves, meaning that no two sessions are ever the same.

Watch our video to see what happens in a class


Age groups

We offer three different preschool classes each developed to excite and inspire children as they grow:

  • Dewdrops for babies who are just beginning to learn about and explore the world around them.
  • Raindrops for older toddlers who are starting to explore their burgeoning imaginations.
  • Rainbows for preschool children in their imaginative prime.

We would never deliver classes with a wide age range of children in it - we know from experience that the benefits for children are far superior when activities have been especially developed for their specific developmental stage. In addition, we don't use 'off-the-shelf' library music, all our songs have been written specifically to integrate with the drama and role-play and parents and nurseries tell us frequently how much the children love this aspect of the sessions.

Our teachers are passionate about delivering excellence at every level and it is for this reason that we limit our class sizes in nurseries to sixteen.

Curriculum links

The entire Pyjama Drama programme has been written and developed by an experienced former drama teacher, herself a Mum to three young children. The programme has been designed to support the current requirements of the National Curriculum in England and Northern Ireland (The Foundation Stage), in Wales (The Foundation Phase) in Scotland (The Curriculum for Excellence) and in Australia (The Early Years Leaning Framework), ensuring that young children develop the skills and understanding to progress happily and successful though their preschool years and through their early years at school.

For more detailed information about how our programme supports the National Curriculum please just ask.

Benefits of the programme

Anyone who spends any amount of time with young children understands that providing them with opportunities for play provides so much more than a few minutes or hours of ‘fun’. Play also allows children to relax, let off steam, develops social skills such as concentration and co-operation, encourages the development of the imagination, develops motor skills and teaches self expression. Our play based programme which encourages children to play creatively and imaginatively is the perfect compliment to the nursery day and nursery managers and their staff tell us time and again how much their children gain from visits from Pyjama Drama.

How we can work with you

We are a pretty flexible bunch and will always work with you to find the right session, at the right time and at the right price for you. So, we can:

  • Visit your setting on a weekly basis, every few weeks or on special occasions; at Christmas, Easter, on World Book Day or on Halloween for example
  • Create bespoke sessions to compliment the learning taking place
  • Visit once or twice a term to deliver one of our regular special sessions
  • Offer afterschool or holiday clubs and deliver our Sunbeams programme for children from 5 to 7 years

It will take our teachers no more than two minutes to set up for a Pyjama Drama class - all we need is a space free from obstacle and a plug point to play our music from. We don't use props or costumes as we don't need them - all we need to create magical, exciting, fun-packed drama session, is a child’s imagination. Even in our classes for babies when we use some simple play equipment, our main resource is the teacher themselves; their voice, body language and facial expressions is all they really need to bring a story, a drama, an imaginary world to life.

Naturally all our leaders extremely experienced, fully DBS checked and have had extensive training. They will work closely with you to ensure that the children, your staff and parents get the very best out of having a visit from Pyjama Drama!

What people say

  • ''As a nursery that uses Pyjama Drama on a regular weekly basis, we would highly recommend these classes. The teachers are fantastic and the classes provided are both unique and highly engaging for the children! Extremely good value for money! Everyone should give it a go!'' Best child-care nursery, Leeds
  • ''The children at The Gardens Nursery love Pyjama Drama. The sessions are full of fun, are very imaginative and active. The sessions vary from week to week so they are never bored, they find them interesting and their attention is always captured.'' The Gardens Nursery, SW London
  • ''Everyone is still completely in love with Pyjama Drama. The children love it and chat about it in nursery and at home with their parents which is great - it really is a FAB concept!'' Sarah, Springwood Nursery, Leeds
  • ''Pyjama Drama has been visiting our nursery for a number of years now and everyone adores it. I have never come across an activity class that is quite so unique.'' Honi Langford Archer,  Manager at Brookfield Day Nursery, Powys
  • ''Our nursery children have attended Pyjama Drama classes for six years and both children and staff love every minute. It's amazing to see the very shy children suddenly light up as they become involved in the drama and to see the more confident children begin to learn the importance of sharing and taking turns.'' Julia, Manager at Park Lane Nursery, Welshpool
  • ''Our toddlers absolutely loved Pyjama Drama! By the end of each session the children's imaginations had well and truly been captured, believing they were on a rocket mission around space with no props required other than a few colourful hankies for planets. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone.'' Lucy Sinclair, The Fun Hut , Glasgow

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how Pyjama Drama could work with you please find contact details of your nearest class leader here (UK), here (Australia), here California or here Malaysia. Alternatively, email

If you'd like to find out more about becoming part of the Pyjama Drama team, meet Managing Director, Sarah Owen and franchisee, Laura Bennett here.

Have fun!

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