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“Thank you so much for an amazing party, we all had so much fun and the children were captivated!”
Gemma, Deputy Manager at Play Away Day Nursery (July 2016)

“Thank you for an amazing leavers party for our nursery children. All of the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it and what a lovely way to end their journey at Play Away. Thank you!” Danielle, Manager at Play Away Day Nursery (July 2016)

''My little girl loves Pyjama Drama. She slept in her t-shirt the day she was given it as she refused to take it off. We do a little performance most nights before bed. She learnt all the words to 'Hey Diddle Diddle' just so she could perform it at the next session. We are now working on the next masterpiece! Jane's enthusiasm is infectious! She holds the children's attention far better than other toddler classes we have attended'' (Oct 2015)

''Both my children adore Pyjama Drama and as a parent it's great to see them having so much fun using just their imagination (with help from Sarah of course). My 4 year old is always thoroughly engaged in the session and follows Sarah around adoringly. My 20 month old has enjoyed both the age appropriate sessions for her (Dewdrops) and the Rainbows sessions she has attended for the older one as a sibling. Sarah is so enthusiastic and engaging and she also has lots of knowledge on the children’s development which is fascinating. I would recommend Pyjama Drama to anyone and everyone!'' (Sept 2015)

''Pyjama Drama has been brilliant at inspiring my 3 year olds imagination and it is wonderful watching him play without toys. Donna is an amazing teacher, kind, friendly, enthusiastic, very patient and the children warm to her instantly. I would definately recommend Pyjama Drama.'' (April 2015)

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Pyjama Drama and Ailie for making Sophie's 5th Birthday party so special. Ailie did a fantastic job at keeping Sophie and her guests engaged, enthralled and entertained. It was wonderful to watch a sea of 14 Elsas, 1 Anna & a brave pink fairy (!) following Ailie around the room, hanging on her every word and instruction. The girls had so much fun!" (Feb 2015)

''My two love it and have so much fun whilst learning at the same time. I have seen them grow in confidence greatly since they started and it is lovely to have a drama based activity group for me to attend with them at the weekends. Jessie is a star, full of enthusiasm and a great teacher'' (Jan 2015)

''My daughter Holly was under a speech therapist when she first started Pyjama Drama. She loved every minute of being able to express herself and it gave her the confidence she needed. She now no longer needs speech therapy!Thank you Pyjama Drama.'' (Nov 2014)

'My son, Edison has just turned four and has additional needs including verbal apraxia, meaning he is predominantly non-verbal. He was welcomed with open arms by not only the class teacher but also by a group of non-judgemental parents. Since joining the group Edison has come out of his shell and I even catch him singing on his own when he thinks nobody is listening! He feels comfortable and confident within his group and it shows, and is rubbing off into other areas of his life. He had a huge sense of achievement when he received a certificate last week, he was so proud that everybody clapped for him and now the certificate has pride of place in his bedroom.'' (Nov 2014)

''Ava's parent and school chat yesterday. She's grown in vocab, creativity and confidence. No doubt Pyjama Drama has played a part in that!'' (Nov 2014)

''I would like to say how grateful I am to Pyjama Drama. My little boy (who is autistic),  after attending these classes is a different person. He pretends to swim in his little bath full of sharks, he flies to the moon - his imagination abilities has shocked us all! Thank you Pyjama Drama!'' (Nov 2014)

“My daughter, two and a half, absolutely loves her Pyjama Drama classes. Since being at the classes her imagination has developed ten-fold; she is always playing games without the need for toys and inventing characters. I would thoroughly recommend.” (Nov 2014)

''It's Thursday which means only one thing - Maisey asking me every 5 minutes if it's time for Pyjama Drama yet!” (Sept 2014)

"Pyjama Drama is a wonderful experience for young children. It has been fantastic both for social interaction and for sparking my daughter's imagination. Observing the children who take the class, it is clear that they have a well-honed ability to engage in the imaginary scenarios the teacher ably creates. As a result they have an enhanced ability to emote and empathise that is really impressive for their age. I would highly recommend the class as an enjoyable and enriching experience." (March 2014)

''If you're considering taking your child to a Pyjama Drama class, take my advice and just do it!  My three girls have all gone through the programme and I can honestly say that being part of Pyjama Drama has brought so much joy and creativity to our home. Marks out of ten? Ten every time!' (Nov 2013)

''Pyjama Drama is a most inventive scheme to help young children develop their confidence and imagination. Children and parents get so much out of it. It helps children develop their cognitive skills through songs and action and drama, so much so that they are better prepared socially when it comes for them to enter primary school.'' (Jun 2013)

''Both my girls loved Pyjama Drama - it was perfect for my eldest daughter's imagination and provided my youngest daughter with a big confidence boost! They had so much fun and loved every aspect of it.'' (Feb 2013)

''The Pyjama Drama classes I have attended with both my children have been brilliant. They are exciting, fun, and filled with imagination. Both my kids have gained hugely from participating! Thank you Pyjama Drama.'' (Oct 2012)

''Hooray Hooray! Well done to Pyjama Drama for igniting children's imagination all across England, Ireland and Wales!'' (Sep 2012)

''Pyjama Drama is a wonderfully creative and stimulating class for little ones'' (March 2012)

"Hi Emma, I can't thank you enough for how your wonderful imaginative sessions with the children have changed Ashlie from a quiet and shy child to a now outgoing and funny young lady" (Jan 2012)

"My son can be really shy until he gets used to people and new situations but Jane has been really patient with him, knowing when to get him involved and when to leave him to just watch. We’ve previously given up on so many pre-school classes after the first couple of sessions because he has no enthusiasm but he regularly re-creates the songs and actions at home with his sister and has us all singing along to the CD in the car! At our most recent class he ran in and joined in straight away. I’m so happy with the progress he is making thanks to Jane and Pyjama Drama." (Nov 2011)

“Lauren’s confidence has increased so much since we started Pyjama Drama. We have tried other pre-school classes but this is so unique – Lauren recreates the whole session for her daddy when we get home!!” (July 2011)

“Charlie has loved coming to Pyjama Drama. Watching him engage with Emma and listen intently to the stories each week is a joy!  He loves playing with the bright coloured balls and parachute.  We can’t stop singing the Pyjama Drama song all week!” (March 2011)

''A fantastic class for children! Both my girls love every minute!'' (Dec 2010)

''The class is so unique in the way it captures the children’s imaginations from such a young and impressionable age. The sessions are varied and always so much fun, and Sara the teacher is just fantastic. She is so dedicated, nurturing and encouraging and genuinely enthusiastic about every activity, every week! I would have no hesitation in recommending Pyjama Drama, and specifically Sara, to anyone with children of any age, because I firmly believe it is something that has mass appeal and there is something for everyone.'' (Sep 2010)

"Pyjama Drama gave Alex confidence and lots of fun. He never wanted to miss it!" (May 2010)

"Ben joined Pyjama Drama after Easter and has loved every session!  He has responded so well to the mix of drama, singing and music. Sarah is a great leader; wonderfully calm, patient and always in control of the drama improvisations. Ben would love to continue with Pyjama Drama as an after school club in September." (Dec 2009)

''Ten minutes into our first session I could see that Sophia was loving it so much. Her face was beaming and she was participating with real enthusiasm. Now four weeks on it’s such a huge part of our week. I don’t just mean the class, it is the way it inspires her to play, sing and most importantly use her imagination. It has also helped me to become a better, more creative and fun Mummy! As the song goes ‘Pyjama Drama is lots of fun’ and much, much more'' (Jun 2009)

















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