Adventure parties in Kirklees

Adventure parties in Kirklees

Age: 0 - 4 years
Day: Flexible
Time: Flexible
Location: Adventure parties in Kirklees
Adults Stay? Yes

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What happens in an Adventure party? 

Most suitable for little ones up to four years, Adventures parties are packed full of singing, dancing, playing games and, of course, lots and lots of pretending!

For first birthdays the party leader will dramatise a simple adventure story for the enjoyment of your guests, and invite them to become an active part in it. Simple play equipment such as play mirrors, play cloths and bubbles are used to enhance the story and thrill the senses!

In an Adventure party for children 2 - 4 years, prepare to be whisked away on a magical adventure to an imaginary world. Pretend play, drama games and music combine to encourage children to use their imaginations, to work together, to share their ideas and most importantly to have LOTS of fun! We don't need props or costumes to help us create our adventures; all we need is a little imagination...

Can I choose the theme? 

From pirates to dragons and dinosaurs, princesses to fairies and mermaids, we're sure to have a show that your little one will love. Select a theme from the dropdown list in the booking form, and don't forget to let us know if your child has a favourite character, friend or song they'd like appear in the party - we'll do our best to make it happen!

How many guests can I invite?

The maximum number of guests is 16 and we ask that any adults who stay at the party are on-hand to join in with the party and support their child where appropriate.

We'll be encouraging little ones to concentrate and to use their imaginations which can be tiring, so they'll get the best out of the party if there is no background noise or other distractions.

What does it cost and what's included?

£85.00 for fifty minutes
£50.00 deposit required to secure your booking
Printable party invites (free)
Party CDs available at just 80p per child
Certificates & balloons also available at a small additional cost

How do I book?

First of all submit the booking form so we can make sure we're available on your preferred day and time. We'll confirm your booking via email and then take a £50.00 deposit.

Have fun!

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Meet Christine Hudson ...

Hi, I'm Christine, and I'm "The Pyjama Drama Lady" in Dewsbury, Batley, Brighouse, Huddersfield and Mirfield. I have three small boys who all love to play and pretend, so Pyjama Drama is the perfect job for me! After studying Drama at university and then teaching drama for years, once I had three little ones of my own though, I knew I wanted to work with this younger age group again. I have always loved performance of any kind, and make-believe was always my favourite game. I feel right at home in the pretending section of our classes. I'm constantly delighted and surprised by the wonderful imaginations of these very small people and love their ideas, as well as their creative approaches to problem-solving. We could all learn a lot from them!

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