Children’s Franchise

Come and work with us and be part of our fantastic children’s franchise

Choosing to work with kids is both a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and it can come with a whole host of wonderful extras. Not only do you get to have fun each and every day, but you get to bond with kids who will look to you for guidance and education.

It’s a truly unforgettable experience, and if you’re someone who loves to be around kids and is passionate about making a difference, you’ll love what we have to offer here at Pyjama Drama Franchise.

We are always looking for new people to come and join our franchise, and we’ll give you everything you need to be on your way to running your own drama and imaginative play programme. We’ll provide all the training and resources you need, and you’ll get the opportunity to work hours that suit you and your other commitments.

Our website has plenty of information about working with us, so why not take a look around today or download an information pack? To speak to us about becoming part of our franchise, feel free to call us on 01938 871855.