Music to ignite the imagination!

Our music has been igniting imaginations for over fifteen years in preschools, schools and in homes around the world! Written by director Sarah Owen and original to Pyjama Drama, all songs are sung by Sarah and her brother-in-law, Dan Lee. Sarah and Dan are not professional singers; they are simply parents who love to sing and have experienced the value of doing so at home, and in class.

Head over to our sister company, Pyjama Drama Learning and try our music out for free by downloading the album, 'Dragon Jive' HERE! Or, take a look at our music videos which are enjoyed in homes, schools and preschools the world over!

For now, sit back and enjoy one of our most popular tracks, 'You're a Star', written to help young children develop their understanding of the world by teaching them about the 'people who help us' ...