Drama Classes For Kids/Toddlers

Use the lockdown to your advantage with our drama classes for kids and toddlers alike

Whilst we’re all in the same boat due to the lockdown, you may find that it’s been taking its toll on you and your family. Finding some sense of normal and balance has been a struggle for pretty much everyone, and whilst you may have done your best to adjust, it’s only normal that sometimes you feel a little lost.

Here at Pyjama Drama Franchise we are here to help you tackle those days that just seem to go on forever. Whether the kids are restless, tired, bored or frustrated, our drama classes can give you all an outlet to express, emote and enjoy.

From the comfort of your very own living room, you can join our extra special drama classes which will get the kids up and moving about, all the while learning and helping to ease your unnecessary parental guilt.

We can’t take away what is happening to the world, but we can help make your day that little bit easier with our interactive and fun drama classes, so why not sign up today?