Drama Clubs For Kids/Toddlers

Join our online drama club for kids & toddlers

During these uncertain times, it can be an extra strain on those of us that are parents and wanting the best for the kids. Whilst they may have been set work by school, the reality is that the days are long, and the kids get bored and restless. Not only does this affect them, but it puts extra pressure on you to find the balance.

With this in mind, here at Pyjama Drama Franchise, we have dropped our prices on our online drama class which we hope eases your worries during this scary time. Our classes will give your kids a chance to blow off steam, have fun and still learn at the same time.

For just a small fee per week, you’ll get access to free downloads, competitions, games and rhymes and maybe you’ll even get a chance to have that cup of tea you’ve been dreaming about!

So, to find out more about our online drama classes that are suitable for ages 6months to 7 years, just follow the links on our website and get involved today.