Enjoyable Activities For Kids/Toddlers

Join our online drama club when you need to find new activities for your toddlers!

With the nation on lockdown, this time is especially hard for those who have toddlers to care for. With so much energy to burn and an eagerness to learn, toddlers can be particularly challenging to keep happy during quarantine.

If you are looking for a space where they can go crazy, wild and explore their senses in a fun and safe way, our online drama classes are the place to be!

Perfect for burning that extra stored up energy that only toddlers seem to possess, our online drama classes give you and your little one a space to express and explore emotions and bond at the same time.

To help you as much as we can, we’re keeping our online drama club prices low so you can have plenty of fun and learning indoors. What’s more, we’ve added to our list of free resources so you can download lots of free ideas to keep everyone occupied over the coming weeks.

We hope that by joining our online drama club, you’ll not only find a community but a space for your toddler to learn and be happy.