1. What is a franchise?

A franchise is often referred to as a ‘business in a box’. It enables individuals to run a business which has been tried-and-tested with full training and ongoing support. If you like the idea of running your own business, but not on your own, a franchise could be for you.


 2. How much does the Pyjama Drama franchise cost, and can I pay in instalments?

Our Core Franchise costs £9,500. Look out for a special offer with 30% off for the first three successful applications of 2022, making the price just £6,650. You can choose to add on additional elements at the same time, at a later date, or not at all. However, for many people, the Core Franchise is plenty on its own. Read more about the details here.

Being able to buy the Core Franchise first, and add other elements on at a later date, is one way you can break down the costs. To secure your territory, we ask for a 10% deposit which enables us to release a copy of the contract while you ask questions and get finances arranged. This is refundable less an admin fee if at that stage you decide not to go ahead.


 3. What ages can I teach?

When you run the Core Franchise, you’ll teach children ages 2 -4 in classes, and children aged 3 – 7 in Interactive Performances. If you choose to also run the Dewdrops classes, you’ll teach children aged 6 – 24 months. If you choose to also run Sunbeams classes, you’ll teach children aged 5 – 7. If you chose to also deliver parties, you deliver these to children aged 1 – 7.


4. Can I run the business part-time or have a second job?

Yes. Having a part-time job for the first 6 – 12 months of running your business can be a really effective way to get some brand awareness and maintain some financial stability. However, you must bear in mind that this means you’ll build your business much slower than if you are working full-time. We’d recommend you have at least two days a week, plus perhaps a Saturday morning and a couple of hours an evening or two as a minimum.


5. How much can I earn?

Our top earners have turned over in excess of £50K per year. Most of our franchisees turnover between £15,000 - £30,000 working largely part-time. We have an average profit margin of 75% which means that if you turn over £30,000, you will be able to pay yourself approximately £1,875 per month (this is after paying for insurances, room hire, petrol and management fees and is, of course, a guide only).


6. I want to earn £1,000 a month. What might this look like?

Based on our guide of a 75% profit margin, you’d need to turnover around £1,333 per month to pay yourself £1,000. Franchisees build up their timetable to suit their other commitments, and no two businesses look the same. As an example, this could equate to running six nursery sessions at £35 per week, two public classes with eight children in each at £96 per week, and a monthly Interactive Performance at £180 per month. (Total £1,404 turnover)


7. What is involved in training?

80% of the training for new franchisees is done remotely and flexibly. As a guide, complete your remote training in around six hours a week, for six weeks, completing practical, marketing and financial training. A mixture of pre-recorded lessons, ‘live’ meetings, and completing a range of tasks including things like market research, admin tasks and practicing your skills, are all included in this comprehensive and well-organised training package. You’ll then come to Welshpool, Mid Wales for two days of practical training, when you’ll teach Pyjama Drama to children for the first time! Then you head off back to territory to launch your business, with our ongoing support and guidance.


8. What ongoing support do you offer?

Tonnes! Because for our business to be successful, we need you to be successful! Here’s what’s included:

  • A Franchisee Buddy – an experienced franchisee who is responsible for supporting you for around an hour a week, for the first 6months of trading
  • Our Franchisee Marketing Group – a closed Facebook group where our franchisees all hang out, ask questions, share successes and generally cheer each other on
  • Inspire Meetings – termly meetings via Teams where franchisees share good practice and inspire one another
  • Growth Meetings – twice yearly Teams meetings with a director where we reflect on progress, help you set targets, and plan for the year ahead
  • Director support – Sarah and Rachel and the whole team at Head Office are always on hand to chat, answer questions, be a sounding board, and cheer you on!


9. I’m not good with numbers, will that be a problem?

Worrying about how to manage the financial side of running a business is something that prospective franchisees often ask about. But rest assured, our business model is really very simple and the training we provide is straight forward and without jargon. You’ll be confident in no time, we promise!


10. I’ve never been a teacher/I have no formal drama experience – can I run a Pyjama Drama franchise?

Absolutely. Lots of our franchisees have no prior teaching experience and have only ever done drama at school. What they all have in common is raw talent and drive! If you’re enthusiastic, playful, love signing and reading to children, can pull funny faces or put on different voices, if you’re professional, friendly and a team player – you’ve got everything we’re looking for!

11. Can I chat to someone about my specific circumstances?

Please do! We find a phone call is often the most time effective way to quickly discover if Pyjama Drama has what you’re looking for. Either drop director Rachel an email to arrange a convenient time (rachel@pyjamadramalearning.com), or easily book an appointment in just a few clicks here.


12. How do I apply?

The application process consists of:

  • An application form
  • Three audition pieces

Audition pieces are filmed on your phone and do not need to include children. We ask you to sing a children’s song, recite a poem or rhyme and perform a short drama piece. We’re not looking for the finished product, just potential! You can find everything you need to apply here