Find Great Classes For Kids/Toddlers

In times of crisis, it’s important we come together and do what we can to keep children engaged and educated

Here at Pyjama Drama Franchise we understand that finding a balance between working and childcare is challenging enough, never mind the current state of the world. With so many of us trying doing a juggling act of working from home and keeping the kids entertained whilst this global pandemic takes place, we wanted to do our bit.

As scary as the world may seem, the best thing we can do is stick together and focus on the future

Which is why we’ve made many of our resources free and accessible via our website. We have a wealth of learning resources and tools which we encourage you to look at, in the hopes that it helps ease your concerns about your child not currently being in school.

With our resources, you’ll be able to keep your kids entertained, educated and motivated to learn, all the while hopefully giving you a break so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

To browse our range of free resources, take a look around our website today.