Find Parent And Child Classes/Activities

Whilst this year may be filled with much uncertainty, one thing you can rely on is us

We can safely say that this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but with so much up in the air, something you can depend on is our range of parent and child activities. If you’re looking for a helping hand during isolation, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Pyjama Drama Franchise we want to do all we can to help parents that are trying to juggle everything during isolation. With so much out of our control, it’s important to focus on what we can control, and one of the thing we can focus on is keeping the kids happy and entertained.

Thanks to our free resources, we hope you’ll have plenty to do which will get your kids thinking, engaged and active. We understand that finding the balance and ensuring your kids get a good education is a struggle, so we have reduced many of our prices so you can rest easy knowing your children are still learning and having fun.

We know that things are tough at the moment, but we hope with our help, we can continue to educate your children and make things a tad easier for you at home.