What our franchisees say...


"I’ve been a Pyjama Drama franchisee for almost 10 years now and I can honestly say that it’s been the best 10 years of working life that I’ve ever had. When I bought the franchise I had zero business or drama experience, but I did have the drive to find a career that would fit in with being a single mum and make me happy. In the (almost) 10 years of having my own business I have had lows but so, so many highs. I’ve pushed myself to succeed and become known for doing amazing work with the children and families in my area, I have made the most amazing friends from Pyjama Drama, in fact, 3 of the parents that brought their children to my classes 7 years ago will be my bridesmaids next year!  Pyjama Drama is so much fun to deliver and the kids and grown-ups love it too. There’s a great support network with other franchisees and the directors Sarah and Rachel are on hand to give support me advice when needed. Would I buy the franchise if I had to do it all again? Definitely yes!"

Sarah Watt, franchisee for North Cumbria 


"When I started Pyjama Drama nine years ago, one of my fellow franchisees sent me an email with the message, “Welcome to the best job in the world!”. She wasn’t wrong! I have never had to drag myself to work, three year olds are the best people to work with, and singing every day is good for your mental health. Head Office have always been there for me with support, sound business advice and a listening ear, especially when other areas of life don’t go to plan."

Christine Hudson, franchisee for Yorkshire: Kirklees and Brighouse 


"Hi! My name is Elle and I’ve been running my own successful franchise here in Perth since August 2017. It’s been the most amazing journey so far, and now I’m honoured to be expanding the business throughout Western Australia as Master Franchisee. When I first came across Pyjama Drama in 2016, at my daughter's 3rd birthday party, I knew it was exactly what I’d been searching for - the chance to be in control of my own destiny while doing what I love the most! I remember watching in awe as the Pyjama Drama Session Leader captivated the children and parents alike. We were taken on an adventure of the imagination, not unlike one found in books and movies. But here, they were experiencing it in real life with nothing more than their imaginations! I thought to be myself how rewarding it would be to be that person leading the children, and how fun!  And I was right. Almost 4 years later, I’m still loving my job and can’t imagine life without Pyjama Drama. The support from Sarah and Rachel is fabulous, and I’m always made to feel part of the Pyjama Drama family, even though I live on the other side of the world! The best part about buying a franchise is that everything I need is already on hand. From branding and images to the vast array of session plans; from the website to the uniform; from the music to the booking process. It’s a business wrapped up in a sparkly box."

Elle Mulder, Master franchisee for Perth (AU)


“From the moment I saw Pyjama Drama in action I knew it was what I wanted to do and since joining the Pyjama Drama team five years ago I have felt part of something very special. The amount of joy, creativity and positive energy that fills my day now is unlike any job I’ve ever had. The vision and determination that Sarah and Rachel have for Pyjama Drama is amazing and I have learnt so much from them.”

Kirsty Dorling, franchisee for Southampton East


“Being part of the Pyjama Drama family is honestly the BEST. Previously, I was in a nursery job with long hours and feeling like I was in Groundhog Day. When our daughter started school, the opportunity to buy a franchise came up and I took the plunge. I am now my own boss, able to manage my own diary and schedule meaning that, so far, I have not missed any of my daughter’s events at her school. In addition to being able to be flexible, I really find having the support of Sarah and Rachel at Head Office with the ‘business’ side of things reassuring. I also find having the support of the team of franchisees is fantastic, we help each other with session plans, marketing ideas and often meet up for a video chat. If you are considering a move in your career, I would recommend joining the Pyjama Drama family.”

Caroline Farley, franchisee for Erdington, Castle Bromwich and Solihull


“I have run Pyjama Drama Sheffield for the last 5 years and have loved every moment! The joy each and every session brings to each child is priceless and I love watching their confidence and enthusiasm grow each week. Pyjama Drama has let me work around my young family and have a job of my own. I believe Pyjama Drama brings so much joy to young people and I have loved being part of this wonderful adventure.”

Hollie Campbell, franchisee for Sheffield


“I did a lot of research into children’s franchises and chose Pyjama Drama for two reasons; firstly because I thought the programme offered something really different, and secondly because I knew I would get a high level of support along the way. I’ve been with Pyjama Drama for nearly 10 years - time flies when you’re having fun!”

Caroline Morrow,  franchisee for South West London


“Investing in a Pyjama Drama franchise has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only has it given me time with my family, but I have created a business I am proud of. Sarah and Rachel have been 100% supportive from the beginning – from training, through to lesson planning, and generally just being there for me.”

Emma Knighton, franchisee for Trafford and Didsbury


"Following my drama degree I hadn't done anything drama-related. Running my own business was never in my life plan, and although it has been a steep learning curve at times, it has been amazing. Along the way I am developing my 'business head' and am seeing my business grow, which is very rewarding. I love watching the children in my classes progress, it really does create a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Pyjama Drama is a wonderful programme for children and the support from Head Office and the other franchisees is fantastic.

Victoria Andrews, franchisee for Exeter


"It actually took me 7 years to take the plunge with a Pyjama Drama franchise, not for any other reason than I wanted to do my research and make sure it was right for me. Honestly, it has been the best decision I have ever made...I am part of a wonderfully supportive ‘family’, I have gained so much confidence...But most of all I genuinely feel that I enhance every child’s development who takes part in my sessions. There’s nothing better than seeing their confidence and imagination flourish as the weeks go by. I’ve been a franchisee for a year now and I cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future." 

Leanne O'Hara, franchisee for Mid Essex