Jobs For Ex Teachers

Are you looking for jobs for ex teachers?

There’s nothing quite like working with children and being in the fantastic position of teaching them. Everything from their curious nature and endless questions, to the looks on their faces when they finally overcome a learning obstacle. It’s a rewarding job like no other and the feeling of pure joy when teaching them is often irreplaceable. If you’ve been in the position to teach them and are ready to move onto something else that gives similar rewards such as these, we are here to help.

Here at Pyjama Drama Franchising Ltd we offer a drama and imaginative play programme for children up to seven years old and work with playschools, nurseries and schools across the country. We are always looking for new people to become part of our franchise and spread the word about our fantastic programme.

When you work with us, we will give you the full training, flexible hours and our complete support at all times. Our website has plenty of information about working with us, so why not take a look around today or download an information pack?