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You'll get your own logins to our user-friendly course hub where you can easily track where you're up to, and if you need to take a break, easily jump straight back in from where you left off when you're ready. Learn more, and visit our learning hub HERE.

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Choose to buy the licence for a single teacher or, if you're looking for professional development of a group of teachers, benefit from a discounted rate for up to eight teachers:

  • One license (one teacher): $150/ £120
  • Up to eight licenses (up to eight teachers in any one setting): $950/ £735

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100% of teachers who recently took this course…

  • Saw improvement in students’ behaviour and self-control

  • Saw improvement in students’ interest in pretend play

  • Saw improvement in students’ social skills, language skills and physical skills

  • Gained confidence in using drama techniques in the classroom

  • Plan to use Pyjama Drama activities and techniques in their classroom from now on
  • Would recommend this training to a friend


'This training is like no other! The music and support is amazing. The techniques are so useful and powerful! I cannot say thank you enough for this offering!' 
(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)