Praise for our online training sessions

Where there is no name attributed, it is because these comments were made after a training session, without being asked for!


* 'Fun new ways to engage children that work! The course was incredibly easy to navigate, the information was presented clearly and was easy to incorporate into practice and felt empowering. Would highly recommend to people who want to learn new approaches to engage children (in any activity)'  Katrina Stapleford, Nov 2022


"Such a fantastic & inspiring course/topic which I certainly plan on implementing into my setting.” May 2022


* "Can't wait, definitely a '1' - I'm very excited about doing this tomorrow..” May 2022


* "Thank you for a fantastic session.” Jan 2022


 * “Thank you for the opportunity of joining you. I learnt some fantastic techniques and will be sure to use them in practice.” Jan 2022


 * “It’s so interesting!!” Jan 2022


 * “Great session thank you!” Jan 2022


 * "I can not wait to play this with my daughter and take ito placements." Jan 2022


 * "My little niece will love this game. Can't wait to play it with her." Jan 2022


"Great course, highly recommended. Attended the training in the evening. The course was well organised and the content relevant to my job role. It was delivered with great enthusiasm! it was fun! and the format ensured that it captured its audience. Sarah was brilliant, she was knowledgeable and it was evident that she absolutely knew her topic! Group participation was good (I was a fairy!) and the different ideas and concepts were both interesting and easy to use as well as transferable in any situation. I have already used the crocodile bridge and magic shoes activity! I would highly recommend this learning...Imagination has no limits! Go for it!" Tina Harrison CDW LCC, June 2021

* "So simple and effective. Worthwhile." June 2021


* "Really enjoyed so thank you!" June 2021


* "I have really enjoyed this course, it has been really inspiring and would love to take the full course!" June 2021


* "I loved it! I can't wait to use this tomorrow at nursery." June 2021


* "Great training, thank you! Made to look so simple, broken down simply. The trainer’s really enthusiastic and skilled." June 2021


* "Really enjoyed the session, informative and clear instruction on how to achieve the goal." June 2021


"Found this training really useful, I'm not a confident person so looking forward to trying the different techniques." June 2021


* "Brilliant and engaged. I thought it was a fun and great experience. Very well explained and had lots of detail. To say it was on a call and not in person there was great interaction from students and Sarah. I learnt a lot and can’t wait to try it out!" Amelia, June 2021

* "Wow what a fantastic course to be able to experience - it was informative and delivered in a way that I could understand & feel confident to feedback to my colleagues. Being a mum of older children (ie 20+) it refreshed me & reminded me of how to get the best (play wise) from younger children. Loved the knowledge and skills you refreshed/reminded me to use." Melanie Dean, June 2021  


* "Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more about your training/approach, really enjoyed it! Can't wait to try it out." Feb 2021

"It's been such a great training." Feb 2021

* "Over so quickly - I didn't want it to end." Jan 2021

* "Thank you so much, I can't wait to try this out." Feb 2021

* "I can't believe I've never thought of these ideas before - amazing." Jan 2021

* "Great balance between resources and support." Jan 2021

* "Brilliant session - thank you!" Jan 2021

* "I wasn't sure I was going to get much out of this but I can't wait to start trying out these techniques!" Feb 2021

* "I can't wait to share what I've learned with my colleagues." Feb 2021

* "Thank you, loved this. Will be doing it ASAP." Feb 2021

* "This was absolutely brilliant, thanks so much! I'm going to tell my colleagues about the next session you do." Feb 2021

* "Great activity to do for remote learning over zoom lesson during lockdown." Feb 2021

* "Thank you really enjoyed this." Feb 2021

* "Excited!! Has given me a different outlook on how to engage children’s imagination! Thank you :-)" Feb 2021

* "So excited to try this tomorrow with my preschool group! I think the children will love it and the adults will think I've finally lost it!!!" Feb 2021

* "It was excellently enjoyable training. I feel excited to use these techniques! Thank you so much." Feb 2021

* "After this training, I have gained a huge amount of confidence and ideas on how to help children use their imagination by using your game and techniques." Feb 2021

* "It was amazing." Feb 2021

* "Thank you, tonight has been fantastic." Feb 2021

* "Thank you. As a newly qualified practitioner, I’m appreciating these tips through training." Feb 2021

* "Thank you very much. Really enjoyed it. Definitely playing it tomorrow!" Feb 2021

* "Really enjoyed this session. Can't wait to try some new things." Feb 2021

* "Really enjoying this training session, thank you!" Feb 2021


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