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Here at Pyjama Drama, we know that nothing lasts forever! When it comes time for a member of our team to move on to challenges anew, we support them in getting a return on their investment by selling their Pyjama Drama business. 

Should you be looking to run your own drama business and want to benefit from buying an already established franchise, you can be sure you'll receive all the training, support and advice you'll need both from Head Office and from the existing business owner to continue to build a successful Pyjama Drama franchise.

Have a look at the current opportunities available...

Current opportunities exist in Wharfedale & North Airedale, Guildford & Surrey Hills and Leeds West.




Meet business owner, Elizabeth Archer...

"Thanks for your interest in running Pyjama Drama in Yorkshire! I have run Pyjama Drama since 2015 in a part-time capacity, giving me the freedom to spend time on family commitments, to walk the dog and to pursue other interests, whilst still giving me a good income! There is great scope for someone to further grow this business as there are many opportunities that I have chosen not to explore - not least the targetting of the 5-7 age group.


Running Pyjama Drama is really fun! I deliver creative sessions in all sorts of lovely settings – and the input from the children means every session is different. It’s never boring! Sarah and Rachel are always on hand at Head Office to help with all aspects of the business. Being part of such a supportive franchise makes it easy to run your own business – I’d never done it before!


As the time draws nearer for my husband to retire, I have made the difficult decision to sell my business to enjoy retirement alongside him. Please email me below for an Info Pack - I hope you find this a useful starting point to deciding if Pyjama Drama could be for you!"


Wharfedale & North Airedale - Request an Info Pack here

Price to run The Pyjama Drama Franchise and The Party Franchise - £15,000*
NB: The fee also includes the license to run the After School Club franchise if you so wish 




Meet business owners, Ana Maria and Anthony Wilson...

"The decision to relocate back to Yorkshire has been a difficult one, not least because of our business. We have loved running Pyjama Drama and are incredibly proud of our achievements. Due to commitments to relocate, we have decided to lower the price of the business to just £10,000, with the incoming franchisee being able to gain a return on this investment through profit alone in under one year (based on our current workload - we turned over more than £17,000 in the last academic year). This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone who wants to walk straight into an established, creative and fun business! 

The cost includes comprehensive training from Head Office, personalised marketing material, all the lesson planning and administrative documents you need to run your business plus you'll be part of a vibrant, and supportive network of franchisees across the UK."

Guildford & Surrey Hills - Request an Info Pack here

This opportunity is to run The Pyjama Drama franchise, delivering our classes to children ages 6 months – 4 years in nurseries, preschool settings and public classes as well as delivering our Interactive Performances to children aged 3-7 years in nurseries, schools and in public sessions. For the right person, there is the opportunity to buy a second franchise at a later date (either the Party franchise or the After School Club franchise).

Price reduced due to relocation! The Pyjama Drama franchise - £10,000*



Meet business owner, Sara Hall...

"When I first bought my franchise, Pyjama Drama was a brand new concept in the area and I had no previous experience of running a business. With the support of the team at Head Office, the other franchisees in the network, and my passion for and dedication to the programme, I have built up a profitable and sustainable business. The time has now come for me to move on, and whilst I will miss Pyjama Drama a great deal, I know that whoever takes over will take it from strength to strength. Pyjama Drama has allowed me to work around family commitments and learn valuable tools about how to run my own business. Most importantly, teaching the classes is an enormous amount of fun, and seeing first-hand the benefits it has for children is incredibly rewarding."


Leeds North - SOLD! £25,000
We're thrilled to announce we have a new member of the team - the wonderful Sara Wainman who is now the franchisee for Leeds North West.

Leeds West - Request an Info Pack here
There are several opportunities in Leeds West. Please email to request an Info Pack.


VAT not applicable