We offer a resource subscription service for teachers, childminders,  and parents looking for activities to target the development of their children's key skills, through play... 



1. Learn: Watch our short training videos and learn how to deliver our Adventure Plans (using three powerful Pyjama Drama techniques) 

2. Play: Choose from a huge range of topic-based Adventure Plans and lead groups of children in imaginative play – anywhere, anytime!

3. Make a difference: All adventures develop children's life skills – the skills they need to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of daily life



Who is your resource subscription for?
Parents, teachers, childminders - anyone who spends time with children ages 2 - 5 looking for activities that will specifically target the development of their key skills


What's an 'Adventure Plan'?
A simple set of instructions telling you how exactly how to go on our adventures and play our games. Every game takes place in a different imaginary world, in the jungle or space, at the farm or on the bottom of the ocean, for example, and our easy-to-follow Adventure Plans will guide you every step of the way.


What skills do your activities develop?
Deliver our activities and nurture the skills that will help your children:

  • Make new friends
  • Manage conflict in relationships
  • Communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • Manage their emotions
  • Understand others’ emotions
  • Concentrate in nursery or school
  • Solve simple problems for themselves
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Believe in themselves and know what makes them special

Activities are often also highly physical and target the development of children's physical skills.


What skills will I develop?
Once you sign up, you will learn three powerful Pyjama Drama techniques by watching short, fun, and engaging training videos which last less than an hour. This training will enable parents, teachers, childminders, nursery professionals and other educators to deliver our adventures with confidence and skill.


What’s the target age range?
The majority of adventures have been designed to be enjoyed by children from two to five years old, although some adventures are more suitable for children from three.  


How long does each adventure last?
Each adventure is designed to last around 20 mins, but allow your child to lead the way. Everyone is different, so some children may want to spend longer playing and for others, 10 - 15 minutes will be just right.


What’s the recommended number of children?
Play at home with one or two children, or at nursery or school with 30! Space permitting, you can take large or small groups of children on our adventures, and even a single child will benefit from playing with their favourite adult!


What topics are covered?
We’re always writing new adventures but currently, you will find Adventure Plans inspired by the following topics/themes:

All About Me, Animals, Being Different, Being Healthy, Celebrations and Festivals, Emotions, Friends and Family, The Great Outdoors, Magic, Mythical Creatures, Numbers, People Who Help Us, Pirates, School, Space, Transport, Water, Seasons & Weather…

And because we’re always writing new adventures, we’re also always covering new topics!


What’s the support group?
You’ll automatically be added to our online support group when you sign up and where you can chat with other parents and educators of preschool children. Ask questions, share ideas, seek support, and get inspired! Once subscribed, and after you’ve watched the training videos, head over to ‘Groups’ where you’ll find the Dip into Drama support group, as well as your resources.


Do I have to be good at drama?
If you can pull a funny face and make a child laugh, or put on different voices when reading a story, you already are good at drama! And don’t forget, your subscription includes training, demonstration videos and ongoing support so anyone, no matter what their experience of drama, can deliver powerful and meaningful play.


Does Dip into Drama support the EYFS and other curriculums?
Yes! When you subscribe, you will be able to download documents that show exactly how Dip into Drama supports the EYFS (England), Curriculum for Wales, and Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland).


How much does a subscription cost?
Dip into Drama is £6 per month, and you can cancel at any time. Included are high-quality training, topic-based resources (our ‘adventures’), original Pyjama Drama music, plus subscribers benefit from freebies and huge discounts on our other award-winning courses and resources!


What's included in the monthly cost?

  • Training videos from an award-winning company (learn three tried-and-tested techniques in under an hour)
  • Demonstration videos (watch our techniques ‘in action’)
  • A huge range of topic-based Adventure Plans (new plans added each month!)
  • Original Pyjama Drama music
  • Massive discounts on our award-winning courses and resources
  • Regular freebies for subscribers
  • A friendly and supportive online support group
  • Personalised certificate


Subscribe here on our partner site, MyCPDGroup. You can, of course, cancel at any time.