Teaching Drama To Kids

Do you dream of teaching drama to kids?

Amongst all the lessons that kids take part in, you’ll probably find that most of them say their favourite lesson is drama. With the freedom to run around, play and make up stories, drama class offers a platform for them to explore their senses and let their imagination run wild.

As a teacher of drama, you get the added benefit of coaching the children to tap into certain parts of their personality that they may otherwise shy away from. It’s your job to support them, nurture them and let them run free with whatever their imagination may bring.

Here at Pyjama Drama Franchise we are always looking for people to join our fun, friendly and welcoming franchise. It’s our mission to support people who are looking to have a flexible and rewarding career in teaching children, and we want you to join us!

By coming with us, we give you the freedom to do your own hours and work with children in a creative way. Whether you favour art, drama or play, you’ll get the chance to work with kids of various ages and make a difference to their lives.

We understand that you may have other commitments outside of our franchise, so you get to do the hours you want and be your own boss. You’ll have our support throughout, and we’ll give you all the necessary training needed to become an expert in your field!