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25 March 2014

Eureka! A day in the life of our busy franchise partner

It’s lunchtime, but it seems days ago that I dragged myself out of bed and through the shower, hoicked out the ironing board and generally tried to get out of the house before rush hour kicked in. Failed. As a result I was late for work and a little stressed when I arrived this morning. Never mind, they’re used to that.... Read more

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16 March 2012

Could do better

My school report always said the same, 'could do better' and 'must try harder', so from time to time I indulge in a little fantasy of going back in time and doing it all again. I visualise a new improved twelve year old me who does all her homework, who revises for tests, listens in class and who doesn't spend whole lessons writing notes to her best friend. ... Read more

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21 November 2011

School christmas plays: lobsters, robots and sir walter raleigh

It's that time of year again...does it matter that the traditional nativity seems to be falling by the wayside?... Read more

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02 January 2009

Children and creativity

I watched a really thought provoking video on YouTube today which confirmed everything I believe about children and creativity and underpins the exact reasons why I find Pyjama Drama so rewarding a career.... Read more

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