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A princess adventure in Perth!

“Is it my party yet, mumma? When is it my paaarty?” To say that Ada was excited in the lead up to her third birthday party would be a gross and misleading understatement. For many, many months, the bedtime routine involved an in-depth discussion about the seemingly endless options for presents, cakes, and costumes. And she just couldn’t make up her mind. From Tinkerbell to Minnie Mouse, Dory to Ninja Turtles, we were no closer to choosing a theme only a few weeks out from the big day. We were close, however, to wearing a hole in BIG W’s party aisle.... Read more

Five years, five BIG questions!

After five years trading as a Pyjama Drama franchisee, Emma Knighton from Trafford has renewed her agreement for a further term. Good news for Emma and great news for the hundreds of children she teaches each week and to mark the occasion we decided to ask her five big questions about the last (and the next!) five years...... Read more

Locating the ‘off’ switch

We all know the age-old saying that children would rather play with the cardboard box than the actual gift inside and many of us have probably experienced it too. That cardboard box could be the fastest car in the universe or the entrance to a secret underground cave. And for the last few months parents have been subjected to an increasing barrage of adverts about the latest ‘must have’ toy. And while, of course, there is nothing wrong with buying the newest gadgets or fluffiest toys for our children, for many of us it can be something we do whether we cannot afford it or not. So why do we feel such pressure as parents to spend out on the latest craze? How many of us have succumbed and spent more than we should, or can afford this Christmas?... Read more

The power to change lives!

A mum recently told me that she spent months agonising whether to enroll her three year old in a Pyjama Drama class. Her best friend took her child and loved it, her daughter didn't go to preschool on the morning of the class and she was already looking for an activity for them to do together. So why the procrastination? ... Read more

Well spent afternoons

Today we went to our third Pyjama Drama session and boy did we have fun. Every session we went on a different adventure, imagining ourselves away to a circus, a farm and today a jungle inhabited by a dancing dragon. ... Read more

Monday Masterchef - food without the drama!

Welcome to the first of our 'Monday Masterchef' recipes, written by non other than our multi-talented teacher and Masterchef quarter-finalist from Oxford, Sophie Allegretti! For the next four weeks she'll be bringing you her simple, no fuss, child-friendly recipes - food without the drama! ... Read more

Parenting - 1970’s style

My children will never know the pleasures (and freedoms) of my own 1970’s childhood, and after having just lived through a six week summer holiday, I’m beginning to realise that the 1970’s weren’t a bad time to be a parent either.... Read more

The stuff memories are made of

My friend’s son drew her a picture called ‘summer’. It depicts a smiley, happy looking family and, as one would expect, he drew a sun in one corner. It’s really is a lovely drawing, and when and when you take in to account the four rain clouds above the family’s heads and the fact that the mum is holding an umbrella, it’s also pretty well observed. ... Read more

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