'Stand Up and Act Out': An Anti-Bullying Curriculum for Primary Schools

Available with pre-recorded or in-person training

This curriculum is for primary schools who want to use drama and imaginative play to prevent bullying, teach children to recongise and celebrate diversity, and deliver 100% of Relationships Education (English National Curriculum). 

'Stand Up and Act Out' has been written to enable any teaching professional to be able to deliver outstanding drama lessons, regardless of prior drama experience, or if they consider themselves to be naturally reserved.

Become a Stand Up School and nurture an inclusive, tolerent, and kind school ethos - and stop bullying in its tracks!


Curriculum includes:

    • 36 lesson plans (6 per year in Years 1 - 6)
    • 6 bonus activities for Nursery/Reception
    • Assembly/introductory lesson
    • Pre-recorded training (in-person also available)
    • Demo videos
    • Original music
    • Letter home and social media content
    • Visual Aids, Glossary, Tips for Talking About Difference, Relationships Education document
    • 12 months' online access
    • Ongoing support



£350 with pre-recorded training. From £395 with in-person training (half-day or twilight)




Is there an ongoing cost?

After 12 months, there is a cost of £350 per school, per year, to continue to access the curriculum. The curriculum comes with pre-recorded training, so even if you launch your Stand Up School with in-person training, you do not need in-person training in subsequent years.


How do students learn?

Through drama, an inclusive learning tool. Drama encourages children to learn by ‘doing’ and is non-competitive, so every child, be they confident, reserved, or somewhere in between, has the chance to shine. Drama enables children to trial situations before they happen, in the safe and supportive environment of the classroom. This means that they are more confident and able to manage similar situations, should they need to, in real life. And finally, drama is the perfect vehicle for sharing characters and stories for children to learn from, and be inspired by. 


What do students learn?

In Years 1 - 6, children learn how to:

  • Recognise and celebrate diversity (in their own school and the wider world)
  • Become Upstanders - children who are able to respectfully stand up for one other in a calm and safe way, should they see a peer being teased, picked on, or bullied
  • Recognise if they are in an unsafe situation, and how to stand up for themselves - including how to talk to a trusted adult


In Nursery/Reception, children:

  • Learn how to recognise and celebrate diversity (in their own school and the wider world)
  • Begin to learn the basics of being an Upstander


Watch 'The School Anthem', a song sung at the start and end of every Stand Up lesson which sums up the ethos of a Stand Up School:


Why, in an anti-bullying curriculum, do we focus on diversity?

Because research shows that most bullying takes place because of difference - whether real or perceived. By introducing children to a wide range of diverse fictional characters, they can learn to recognise, understand, and celebrate difference - making bullying much less likely to happen.


What areas of difference are explored?

Culture and ethnicity, (dis)ability, family income, family structure, gender, language, physical features, race, religion, talents and preferences.


How long does it take to deliver?

You can deliver the curriculum once a week over six weeks, or as part of a focus week such as Anti-Bullying Week. Whenever you choose to deliver the curriculum, what children learn should make an impact all year round as all stakeholders continue to nurture the Stand Up School ethos through use of upstander language, values, and our School Anthem.


How long does the pre-recorded training take to watch?

The training takes around 40 minutes to watch, but we recommend setting aside an hour so you can complete simple tasks as you progress through the training.


How do I purchase the curriculum with pre-recorded training?

Please click here to head over to the MyCPDGroup platform where you can purchase the curriculum and get immediate access, or click the 'Buy Now' button below,


How do I find out about in-person training?
Please send an enquiry to us by filling in this form, or clicking the 'Send an Enquiry' button below.