Children in a class 


We offer drama and imaginative play classes for school-age children aged 5 – 7 years (our 'Sunbeams' classes)

As your child starts school and becomes increasingly independent, taking them to a drama class like Pyjama Drama is one of the best things you can do (be they confident, shy, or somewhere in between!). Not to prepare them for a career on the stage, but because drama supports the development of life skills.

Our 'Sunbeams' classes develop skills that will help your child:

  • Make new friends
  • Manage conflict in relationships
  • Understand, express, and manage their emotions
  • Understand others’ emotions
  • Concentrate at home and school
  • Solve simple problems for themselves
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Believe in themselves and know what makes them special 

All while developing their communication and language, physical skills, and being lots and lots of fun! 


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In a nutshell:

  • A one-hour ‘drop off’ class
  • No obligation, three-week trial for £15 (in just three weeks your child's confidence and skills will have developed!)
  • £6 per class thereafter
  • Sibling discount available

In some areas, we also offer three-hour holiday workshops, search for what's available in your area here.

Class fees may vary in some areas 


What happens in a 'Sunbeams' class?

In every 'Sunbeams' class children:

  • Work together to create a unique and dramatic story
  • Play drama games
  • Sing and move to music
  • Use drama tools such as hot seating, still image, and roleplay
  • Share and evaluate their own original drama

Parents and teachers tell us time and again how classes enhance children's life skills, develop their story-writing skills, and their ability to evaluate their work.


What makes Pyjama Drama special?

  • Our classes are delivered by highly trained drama and imaginative play experts 
  • Our unique, child-led approach to drama accelerates the development of life skills
  • We don’t ever use props or costumes – come along and witness for yourself the power of the imagination!
  • Over 90% of our games, rhymes, and songs are original to Pyjama Drama – you won’t find them in any other class