In February 2022 we teamed up with LE FU Culture in Shanghai and with directors, Chenyu Ling and Yixin Wu, are delighted to be bringing to Pyjama Drama to China!

LE FU Culture is a Shanghai based company focussing on serving the culture, art, and live entertainment industry in China. The founders and key team members not only have a passion for art and drama but also rich experience in the performing arts industry, from entertainment to marketing and events. Both founders graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top international institutions in the US and Australia. Furthermore, LE FU Culture has built up partnerships with reputable international organisations, from the UK’s Conan Doyle Estate to Australian National University.  

Drama education in China is still in its infancy and as such it lacks qualified teachers and well-certified teaching programmes, especially for preschool children. That’s where Pyjama Drama comes in! With an ever-increasing demand from parents for high-quality drama education, Pyjama Drama will provide the experience and knowledge to enable Chinese children to benefit from our powerful approach to imaginative play. Indeed, the government in China are also including drama education within its vision for the next 0 – 15 years.

For LE FU Culture, Pyjama Drama was the perfect organisation to partner with; recommended by parents and educators - not only in the UK but also in Malaysia, Australia and California – Pyjama Drama has proved time and again that their approach crosses borders and benefits children, no matter where they are in the world.

To find out more about Pyjama Drama in China, please get in touch.