Pyjama Drama is a growing, vibrant company that believes strongly in ethical business practice and delivering the very best in drama and imaginative play training, as well as resources for childminders and early years practitioners. These principles also apply to the work we do directly with young children in our drama classes, parties and interactive shows. 

Our list of eight core values summarises our beliefs. They apply to how we run our business, how we believe we should all be treated and how our team works with their customers. 

1. Dare to imagine:
As Albert Einstein said, "Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you anywhere". We couldn't agree more. The ability to think creatively is a critical problem-solving skill that benefits us throughout our lives. Nurturing a child's imagination is at the heart of everything we do, whether we're training teachers to employ a more imaginative approach in the classroom, creating resources, writing songs, or supporting our franchisees to grow their business delivering the Pyjama Drama programme.  Dream, imagine, believe.

2. Have fun:
Whether you're a child or all grown up, laughter is what makes the world go round; it's what turns the everyday into a special day. Children learn best when they're having fun and we do too. 

3. Be nice:
To be successful, you don't have to step over people you meet along the way. Take the time to say thank you, ask how someone is, smile at them. We teach these values to our children so isn't it essential that we embrace them ourselves?

4. Consider the details:
It's the little extra details that mark you out: that make the difference between average and excellent. In everything we do, we try to go that extra mile.

5. Nurture individuality:
Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Different is what makes us all special. Every child and every adult has something unique to contribute. The more we cherish this, the more we all benefit.

6. Keep learning:
There's a whole world out there; a world packed full of interesting people, amazing stories, different cultures - go out and explore it.

7. Be ambitious, but not at any cost:
We're aiming high for Pyjama Drama. We want our programme and techniques to be delivered all over the UK and abroad. We believe that everyone who works or spends time with young children, and all children themselves, can benefit from our unique approach to imaginative play, but we intend to grow with clear ethics as an integral part of the business. Through our work, we will also teach children to strive upwards and to believe anything is possible, but to take their friends along with them as they go.

8. Remember: creativity is contagious:
It's easy to get bogged down in the daily routine but taking a step back once in a while can change your perspective and show you new opportunities. Children understand this instinctively and when at play they jump with abandon into imaginary worlds. The more we nurture creativity, the more the world opens up.