We offer first birthday parties for little ones who love to sing, dance, and, of course, play!    

First birthdays are a hugely exciting milestone, but celebrations don’t have to be overly elaborate to be memorable. What’s important is the people who come along, the warmth of the environment, and the sense of joy that makes the child feel safe and cherished. Pyjama Drama parties for first birthdays are intimate, gentle, fun-filled celebrations designed to stimulate the senses, and to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike! 

What age range are first birthdays suitable for?
Babies from around six months to two years will enjoy a Pyjama Drama first birthday party, although your guests will need individual support from a trusted adult to get the most from the experience.

What makes Pyjama Drama parties special?
Your party will be delivered by a highly trained drama and imaginative play expert and, it will be truly original - you won’t find our games, songs, stories or rhymes anywhere else.

What’s the role of adults?
We invite adults to support their children throughout the party and the more they join in, the more enjoyable the experience will be – for everyone! Although we will never ask adults do any actual drama (that’s our party leaders’ job), party goers will delight in sharing the fun with their favourite adult so, we may ask them to hoist their baby in the air, spin them around, tickle their toes, dance, sing, or hide under a parachute together. 


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