Children in a class


We offer drama and imaginative play classes and performances in nurseries and preschools...

  • 'Dewdrops' class: 6 months – 2 yrs
  • 'Raindrops' class:  2 – 3 yrs
  • 'Rainbows' class: 3 – 4 yrs
  • Interactive Performance: 3 – 4 yrs


The aim of our programme is not to create future stars of stage and screen. Our programme uses drama to develop life skills - the skills children need to live happy, healthy, successful, and independent lives.


Pyjama Drama is fun, physical, and develops skills that help children:

  • Make new friends
  • Manage conflict in relationships
  • Communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • Manage their emotions
  • Understand others’ emotions
  • Concentrate at home, nursery or school
  • Solve simple problems for themselves
  • Make decisions with confidence




Download an Info Pack to find out what happens in sessions, costs, and how Pyjama Drama links to the National Curriculum (England), Curriculum for Wales, and Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland). 

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