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Established in 2005, we train people passionate about early years education to lead our drama and imaginative play programmes and activities. We create award-winning resources and training for educators, parents, and entrepreneurs 

We believe drama should play a part in every child’s life, but we don’t want to create child actors.  All our activities are designed to ignite children’s imaginations while developing their life skills—skills they need to lead happy and successful lives—through play. 



Learn to be more playful

Do you work in the early years and wish you could adopt a more playful approach to your practice? Are you searching for strategies to help children regulate their emotions and communicate more effectively? Do recognise the value of drama but are unsure where to start?

Talk to us about your training needs and let us create the perfect training package to enhance the skills of your organisation.




Deliver our curriculum in your preschool

You don’t have to be a drama ‘expert’ to deliver our award-winning curriculum, ‘Dip into Drama’. With 78 easy to follow lesson plans and prerecorded training, anyone, no matter what their experience of drama can quickly learn how to lead imaginative play and provide opportunities for children to work towards their early learning goals.




Run your own business teaching Pyjama Drama

Are you passionate about working with young children and a believer in the power of drama and imaginative play? Are you looking for a flexible, financially rewarding career that puts you in charge of your own destiny? We’ve been helping people like you set up and run their own Pyjama Drama businesses since 2005 - find out more.  




Take your child to a Pyjama Drama class, or book a party

We're not a stage school. Imagination lies at the heart of our programme and in each class and at every party, children sing, dance, pretend, play, go on exciting adventures, and explore magical lands together. Find a class near you or book a party.



Learn for free this half-term!

Learn how to deliver a Pyjama Drama activity in less than half an hour, and deliver it in your preschool tomorrow! Get free access here!





The power of drama and imaginative play


Drama is one of the most powerful ways to develop life skills. Pretend play accelerates language, nurtures empathy, builds confidence and teaches children about the world. It targets teamwork and builds resilience and self-esteem. Our classes meet the current requirements of the National Curriculum, specifically the three Prime Areas of Learning: Communication and language, Personal, social and emotional development, and Physical skills.





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