Play training for parents and carers


Learn how to play fifteen Pyjama Drama games with your 3 - 6 year old(s) and have fun whilst developing life skills

PLAY: Learn how to play our games, how to be more playful, and how to fit play into your every day

BOND: Have fun together and unleash those feel-good chemicals - endorphins!

LEARN: Develop confidence, concentration, cooperation, communication and more!

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  • A friendly, online training session with other parents/carers, and a Pyjama Drama expert
  • A pack of fifteen Pyjama Drama games
  • Access to a fun and supportive online group


You will learn:

  • How to play our original games using two Pyjama Drama techniques
  • How these techniques can be used to encourage your child to follow instructions - first time!
  • How our games and approach to play develops your child(ren)'s life skills such as concentration, communication, cooperation and confidence


Our games:

Apples for Me, Take a Breath, Crocodile Bridge, DinoROAR, Find My Smile, Good Friends, Happy Harvest, Just One Wish, Me and My Pet, The Opposite Me, Snake in the Grass, Superhero Hotline, Tummy Tumble, When I Met an Alien, and I Wish I Was a Pirate.




Do I need to be good at drama to play your games?

No! When you play our games with your little one(s), you are just being YOU - with two incredibly simple techniques up your sleeve - techniques that anyone can easily master, without having to be 'good at' drama. These techniques will help your child to concentrate, understand, and enjoy the games. These same techniques can be used in your day-to-day life to encourage your child(ren) to follow instructions eagerly - first time!

Will I have to do any drama or 'perform' in the training session?

No (that's our job!) We'll ask you to feedback thoughts or ideas via the online chat. There will be time after the session to chat to the Pyjama Drama expert and ask questions if you would like.

What ages are your games aimed at?

Ages 3 - 6. This is a guide only as some slightly younger children and some slightly older children will also enjoy our games and approach. Please be aware that the ages refer to developmental age so if, for example, you have a much older child who developmentally and emotionally is younger, these games would still be enjoyed by them!

How many children can play at once?

As many as you feel comfortable playing with (space permitting!)

If I miss the live training session, can I watch a recording?

Yes! We record our training sessions and upload them within your course. They are available to you for two weeks after the session.

How long does the training session last for?

45 minutes

What life skills will my child(ren) develop?

UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO all list problem solving, critical thinking, communication, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, empathy, coping with stress and dealing with emotions as the ten core life skills children need to lead happy, healthy, successful lives. When you play the Pyjama Drama way, you'll be helping to develop all of these skills - whilst having lots and lots of fun!

Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to attend your chosen date, we will switch your ticket to a different date, or transfer its value to another Pyjama Drama product. If you attend the session and are not satisfied with it, please email us within 48 hours ( We're very proud to say we're rated 5* Excellent on Trustpilot by parents, teachers and nursery professionals and to date have not ever had a refund request for this reason!