Sing, dance, pretend, play; where will our imagination take us today?

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A Pyjama Drama class takes children on exciting adventures where their imagination has the starring role.  We pretend, play drama games, sing songs, dance, role-play and have lots and lots of fun! Each session the children explore new, imaginary worlds; one week they might be visiting the king at the castle, the next digging for buried gold and the week after they could be jungle explorers.  And although classes follow the same structure each week (so children very quickly feel comfortable and relaxed) the topic and theme is always different. This means that your child could start Pyjama Drama at six months, finish at seven years and will never repeat the same session twice.

Have a watch of our video to see Pyjama Drama in action!

We run four different types of drama classes, each differentiated to ensure that all activities are just right for each child's individual developmental stage:

  • Dewdrops, our youngest class is for babies from around six months and for younger toddlers just beginning to explore the world on their feet!
  • Raindrops is for those older toddlers who are starting to discover the amazing world that is their imagination...
  • Rainbows classes are for pre-school children who are becoming increasingly independent and whose imaginations are blossoming
  • Sunbeams is for those older children (approx 5 - 7 years) who are able to work with more independence and take their dramatic understanding to the next level

Pyjama Drama was created by an experienced former drama teacher and has been written to support the National Curriculum. It also develops key skills in children, such as confidence, communication, co-operation and creative thinking. Our classes have won lots of awards including Best Class nominations and awards from Netmums and What's on 4 Little Ones.

And finally, all of our songs have been specifically written for Pyjama Drama classes and the music is skilfully incorporated into each and every class.  Children and parents tell us time and time again how this makes Pyjama Drama extra special.

Why not have a look for your nearest class and come and join the fun, or have some Pyjama Drama fun at home by playing one of our original drama games? If you're in Australia, find out what's going on or, find a class near you in Perth!

Have fun!


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