The demand for our classes from parents, teachers and nursery managers currently outweighs the number of Pyjama Drama franchisees in the UK. As a result, we pledge to rebuild our network to pre-pandemic levels as soon as possible and have significantly reduced the cost of our franchise to do so.

Launched in 2005, and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of children across the globe, it is testament to the quality of our classes, and the passion of our franchisees, that Pyjama Drama survived recent world events. Thankfully, we’re seeing clear signs of regeneration as parents, nurseries, and schools look for opportunities to boost their children's skills by replacing the social learning lost due to the pandemic. 


Are you:

  • A believer in the power of drama and imaginative play? (specifically for boosting personal, social and emotional skills)
  • Good with young children? (they seek you out, and always want you to play)
  • Happy when you're spending time with children? (you love playing, being silly and pretending)
  • Blessed with basic drama skills? (you pull funny faces and put on voices when reading stories)
  • Excited to learn new skills? (from teaching to marketing - there's a lot to learn!)
  • Passionate about being in charge of your own destiny? (you want to work when you want to, not when someone else tells you)


If this does sound like you, fill in the form below to download an Info Pack and find out about our incredible special offer, how much you could earn, what you would teach, ongoing support and much, much more! We'll also send you information by email which will help you decide whether or not a career with Pyjama Drama is something you want to continue to pursue.

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