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Here are five things we think you should know about our award winning business:

1. We believe in the uniqueness of each child
We offer four different classes, each designed to meet the unique requirements of your child at each specific developmental stage. As every child meets  milestones at different times, we don’t recommend children join classes based simply on their age as other factors can be equally as important; how confident they are or how developed their imagination is for example. 

So, find a class in Northern Suburbs, Perth, in The South West or in North West, Perth to join a class. In the meantime the following guidelines should be helpful:

Dewdrops – from around 6 months – 2 years
Raindrops  – approx. 2 – 3.5 years
Rainbows – around 3.5 – 5 years
Sunbeams – 5 - 7 years  

2. We support learning in day care centres and schools
Our programme supports the current requirements of the  Early Years Learning Framework and we deliver our programme in schools and day care centres. We’re really flexible to work with; we can visit every week, once a term or once in a while – at Christmas, Easter or for World Book Day for example. Email us for more information.

3. Our parties are loads of fun and really unique!
We offer two types of party, a fifty minute Adventure Party for children up to five years and a one hour Performance Party for children between 5 - 7 years. Each party is designed to whisk your guests away on a magical adventure and we have a range of exciting themes!

4. We offer parents a three week trial
Pyjama Drama has been shown to have real demonstrable benefits for a child’s development and the effect is cumulative; many parents tell us they see this after only 3 weeks. This is why we offer a no obligation, 3 week trial which allows children and their parents the opportunity to experience the true value of our classes and provides a much clearer picture of how they can help boost their child’s development.

5. We don’t use props and costumes and here’s why - we don’t need them. All we need to create magical, exciting, fun-packed drama is a child’s imagination. And, that sparkly dress in the box, well, it’s never as sparkly as the one in your imagination…

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Have fun!

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