Classes in Malaysia

Pyjama Drama is an award winning drama programme that combines drama, movement, music and play for children up to seven years. Our classes are designed to develop key skills such as concentration, co-operation, confidence and communication whilst igniting the imagination!

The programme was developed by Sarah Owen, a drama teacher in the UK who saw first-hand the benefits of drama and imaginative play whilst playing creatively with her own three children at home. Pyjama Drama is currently being delivered throughout the UK (including Scotland and Wales), in Perth, Western Australia and also California. Classes are running in Penang and are soon to be launch in Kuala Lumpur!

Here are five things we think you should know about our award winning business

1) In every class children sing, dance, play drama games, listen to stories and, of course, pretend! And every week is different; one week we may be trekking through the jungle, the next flying to the moon and the next playing hide and seek with a shark!

2) Nursery managers and teachers love the fact that our programme supports the current requirements of the UK National Curriculum. The Foundation Stage Curriculum (for children up to five years) stresses the importance of play for children up to 5 years, and at Key Stage One (five to seven years), drama forms part of the English curriculum.

3) Because children develop at such astonishing speeds, we have four different classes:

Dewdrops: from around ten months to two years (starting soon)
Raindrops: approx. two to three and a half years (starting Jan 2016)
Rainbows: around three and a half to five years (starting Jan 2016)
Sunbeams: five to seven years (starting soon)

4) We work in children’s nurseries, schools and deliver parties, as well as offering parent and child classes and holiday workshops.

5) We have hundreds of sessions on a huge range of themes and every week is different adventure! We also have special sessions to support calendar events such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari Merdeka, Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Meet the team to find out more or to book a class!

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