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I have recently taken over the North Surrey Pyjama drama classes from Phylly and I can’t wait to get started. I have two energetic & imaginative boys who love being creative but have no interest in sitting down and doing crafts. So I know how important it is for children to have an outlet to burn off some energy whilst being creative. I have always loved dance and drama and have participated in both for many years. I also studied childhood development as part of my psychology degree which means I have a thorough understanding of the abilities and needs of young children. I am also aware of the importance of play as an early learning tool.

My lovely session leader Danielle...
I am currently studying at the University of Surrey in Theatre and Performance which works very nicely along my pyjama drama work. My career goal is to become a drama therapist working with children through play and movement as a kind of therapy, pyjama drama so far has let me be involved with various children with strong and also quiet personalities. Pyjama drama is a really fun and rewarding career path for me with a different challenge each week which really keeps it interesting too!

Pyjama Drama is a wonderful mix of singing, playing games, using your imagination, and learning. The classes build confidence, cooperation and friendships through carefully designed activities. The children are encouraged to use their own ideas to decide what happens next so anything could happen! And with a different theme every week – from animals to space to princesses - it’s pretty much impossible to be bored.

Why not get in touch for a three-week trial? I’m sure you will agree.


Which class is right for my child?

Our thirty minute Dewdrops class is for babies and young toddlers. Raindrops classes are thirty five minutes and are for older toddlers more secure on their feet and who are just beginning to use their imaginations. Rainbows classes are for preschool children and are forty minutes and Sunbeams children are five to seven years old with their class running for one hour.

Class timetable

Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts Centre, Hare Lane, CLAYGATE
13:45 Rainbows
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Community Room (upstairs) at Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive, Cobham
10:00 Raindrops
10:45 Dewdrops
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Piglets Play Centre, Burhill Road, Hersham
14:00 Raindrops & Rainbows
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St Andrews Church, Hersham Road, Walton-on-Thames
9:45 Sunbeams (one hour drop off club)
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Pyjama Drama also visits...

Ashtead & Bookham Kids Clubs 
Burhill Community Primary School, Hersham
Cardinal Newman RC Primary School 
Carols Montessori Day Nursery, Woking
Downsend Pre-Prep, Ashtead
Downsend Pre-Prep, Leatherhead
Downside Nursery School, Cobham
Hamptons Day Nursery, Hampton
Feltonfleet School, Cobham
Flying Start Pre-School, Molesey
Little Angels Nursery, Cobham
Little Crickets Nursery, East Molesey
Oatlands Preschool, Weybridge
Piglets Playcentre, Hersham
Red Balloon Day Nursery, Cobham
Royal Kent Primary School, Oxshott 
St Andrews Pre-School, Oxshott
Tadpoles Day Nursery, Carlisle Park, Hampton
The Nest Day Nursery, Hersham

We deliver Pyjama Drama in nurseries and schools as well as offering fun, imaginative parties. To find out more about any aspect of Pyjama Drama please email me, or call  01932 807 150.



Contact Me

To book a three week trial, or to find out more about Pyjama Drama visiting your school, nursery or playgroup please email vicky@pyjamadrama.comor call me on 01932 807 150

I look forward to hearing from you!



People say the nicest things...

''We moved to Ashtead from London over the Summer and were on the look out for a new drama class. A friend recommended Pyjama Drama and from Day 1, Clara has absolutely loved it! Phylly has an amazing ability to engage the children (not to mention her patience and energy!) the venue is great and the group is just the right size for everyone to get their chance to shine and be involved. We have already booked Phylly for Clara's Birthday party and are confident it will be great fun for all!''  Mum to Clara, 4, (Jan 2016)

"We started going to Pyjama Drama in January and Nellie loved it straight away - she was absolutely drawn into Phylly’s world of drama and now we wouldn't be without it. Phylly has a lovely way with all of the children, she gets them doing things I would never even have thought of and she draws them into a whole pretend world. Nellie prefers to be independent with her Pyjama Drama sessions which gives me a rare opportunity to sit and watch her enjoying herself. She becomes completely immersed in her own thoughts and imaginative world. Phylly really is so, so good, we used her for Nellie's birthday party as well and it was amazing to see how the children responded to her, especially the one's who had never seen her before''Mum to Nellie, 3, Ashtead (July 2015)

"We went to a dancing/pretend class over half term about pirates- the 'teacher' asked the kids "But where's the treasure map?" All the kids started looking for one; Jessica and Rex immediately held up an imaginary one to her, saying "Here it is! And look, there's the x that marks the spot!" The teacher also praised them for their interaction and imagination. They were easily the most engaged there. Who needs props anyway?! Thank you, Pyjama Drama" Mum to Jessica,and Rex, (June 2015)

"Thank you so much to Ailie for helping us to host a fantastic party yesterday.The kids absolutely loved it, and we had plenty of parents asking for more information about Pyjama Drama" Mum to Nia (Jan 2015)

"It was even better than football!" Luke, a holiday workshop attendee aged 5.5 (Feb 2015)

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Pyjama Drama and Ailie for making Sophie's 5th Birthday party so special. Ailie did a fantastic job at keeping Sophie and her guests engaged, enthralled and entertained. It was wonderful to watch a sea of 14 Elsas, 1 Anna & a brave pink fairy (!) following Ailie around the room, hanging on her every word and instruction. The girls had so much fun!" Mum to Sophie (Feb 2015)

"We hope your child enjoyed the Pyjama Drama adventure into the woods to meet a baby bear last Monday, the children seemed to be completely enraptured by the story and were loathed to let Phylly the drama coach leave the building." Red Balloon Day Nursery Cobham (March 2015)

"The twins absolutely LOVE Pyjama Drama, and today we all had imaginary Dragons.  Georgia’s – Smoke, Alexa’s – Claw, Mine – Thorny.  They went shopping with us and I was told what colours they were.  And then when Alexa got a bit tearful at the end of the day, her Dragon got scared and hid in her bedroom.  You really have brightened up our days, thanks." Mum to Alexa and Georgia, age 3 (May 2014)

"Considering this is a little boy who wouldn't do anything drama/ pretending related at all he is loving the class so thank you." Mum to Nathan, age 6 (March 2014)

"Just to say thank you so much for making Chelsy's birthday extra special over the weekend, the other mums have had only good things to say! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!" Mum to Chelsy, age 4 (Feb 2014)

"Pyjama Drama is a wonderful experience for young children. It has been fantastic both for social interaction and for sparking my daughter's imagination. Observing the children who take the class, it is clear that they have a well-honed ability to engage in the imaginary scenarios the teacher ably creates. As a result they have an enhanced ability to emote and empathise that is really impressive for their age. I would highly recommend the class as an enjoyable and enriching experience."  Mum to Raphaella, age 2 (Jan 2014)

''Isabella loves Pyjama Drama and gets so excited when we arrive at the hall. She still plays with her imaginary baby hedgehog from the class held weeks ago! She loves to sing and dance...I'm sure that Pyjama Drama has given her confidence to one day do this on stage!'' Mum to Isabella, 22 months (Dec 2013)

''Phylly is brilliant- Sofia is engaged the whole time- a rarity!! So much fun, definitely our favourite class.'' Mum to Sofia, age 3.5 (Dec 2013)

''Pyjama Drama is our favourite class! Perfect for a 3 year-old's imagination!'' Mum to Daisy, age 3.5 (Dec 2013)

''The girls and the twins have really moved to a new level during the past few weeks and are getting so involved!!! It's just lovely to watch!! Thank you.'' Mum to Bella, 22 months (Dec 2013)

''The songs are catchy, and easy to remember! I love the themes and imagination the kids can get lost in. My daughter loves the class. She remembers what she did week to week. I'm even finding myself singing the Pyjama Drama song at home!'' Mum to Amelia, age 3.5 (Nov 2013)

''My grandchildren really love Pyjama Drama and look forward to it every week. Phylly is really inventive and lovely with the children in their great games.'' Grandmother to Lilly and George, 4 year-old twins (Nov 2013)

''Phylly is incredible with the kids and every week manages to transport the class to a new world or into a new adventure, what wonderful memories we will take away!''  Mum to Billie, age 3 (Oct 2013)

''Pyjama Drama is fantastic!'' Alex, age 2 (Sept 2013)

''Pyjama Drama is a brilliant experience for young children, and I have seen with my own eyes how is encourages and expands a child's use of their imagination. Phylly is brilliant at engaging the children and keeping them focused during the class, and the weekly themes are fun and age appropriate. It's also a great balance of physical activity and calm concentration - so plays to the strengths of the different children'' Child minder and mum to Alex (Sept 2013)

''We have had several Pyjama Drama sessions at the Pre-School. They provide an excellent way of encouraging ALL the children to join in and follow theme based activities which are age appropriate. The activities are full of music, actions and physical exercise and all the children are encouraged to join in.  The children have come to know Pyjama Drama and are very excited when they see Phylly arrive for a session.They clearly enjoy the activities and show an incredible level of focus and attention during the session.'' Barnett Wood Pre-School, Ashtead (June 2013)

''Phylly's Pyjama Drama sessions have been a very popular feature of Downside Nursery's programme since the spring term 2013. Phylly  brings a new dimension to the children's experience through drama.  It helps to develop their confidence, concentration  and ability to  express themselves. Her lively presentation through stories and music is very motivating for the children who participate with obvious enthusiasm. We are very pleased to have Phylly's input  as part of our nursery programme.'' Krys Griffiths, Nursery Manager, Downside Nursery School, Cobham (July 2013)

''Phylly introduced herself and Pyjama Drama to us in the spring term of 2012. We looked at her programme of events and decided that it would be an exciting way for children to experience imaginative play incorporating physical, expressive and language skills. We have since the first event in 2012 had Phylly in twice a term linking a topic to one of our themes and the children really enjoy the whole experience. Phylly is very good with the children listening to their ideas whilst keeping the topic on track. If we have wanted to have a particular theme Phylly has kindly set up something linked to our request. Our children have spoken to their parents excitedly after Pyjama Drama and always look forward to her next visit. To help with the funding for such a worthwhile extra activity I request a small voluntary donation  from the parents and most of them contribute making it accessible to all the children in the setting.'' Anne Watling Noddy Club (June 2013)

''Thomas really enjoyed 'going on a train journey' during his birthday party, thank you. He and his friends had lots of fun and managed to stay focused despite their age!  I really appreciated Phylly's endless energy and the fact that she kindly worked on a train story, especially for Thomas as trains are not even on her list of party themes!'' Mum to Thomas (June 2013)

''Just to say a massive thank you for the fantastic party session for Arthur on Saturday. I know he and all his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it really went towards making his birthday one to remember. I really think you have been one of the best party hosts I have seen and would definitely think about using you again!'' Mum to Arthur (May 2013)

''What a great time Erin has had. She thoroughly enjoyed the three days.Thank you for a "super star" event!'' Mum to Erin, 6 (April 2013)

‘'Elin absolutely loved her Pyjama Drama classes at nursery. Great work!'' Mum to Elin (Aug 2012)

''Chloe loves this every week! Well done!'' Mum to Chloe' (Aug 2012)

''Lovely, Flora has really enjoyed her sessions at Rosalita Edwards Montessori.'' Mum to Flora (Aug 2012)

''The (Dragon Hunt) party for our son's 5th birthday was perfect. All the children were fully engaged and the whole thing felt really calm and a bit different to all the other parties we've been to. His friends' parents have given us great feedback and I know they, as well as us, have been playing the party bag CD non-stop. We felt the party was really good value for money and the children loved Phylly.'' (July 2012)

''It’s been great to find a group that instead of focusing on an end performance  allows the children to explore their creativity and develop their imagination in the direction they want to go and at their own pace, which is often lost went its all about - performance, performance, performance.'' Mum to Zak, 6 (May 2012)

''I loved surfing on lava best! I had great fun!'' William, 6 (May 2012)

''I had lots of fun on my journey and especially enjoyed being a dolphin.'' Ela, 5 (May 2012)

''I liked flying to the ocean on my sweetie plane!' Freddie, 7 (may 2012)

‘Its been great being here. I hope I come again soon.'' Rachel, 7 (May 2012)

''I loved it and liked being a crab best!'' Ruby, 4 (May 2012)

''I loved it, lots of fun!'' Chloe, 6 (May 2012)

''Maddy LOVED her Easter visit to Pyjama Drama and came home everyday with stories of the “places” they had been to and how they had got there, she couldn't’t wait to go back the next day. Maddy even told me that she had enjoyed herself so much that she wanted to go everyday FOREVER!''  Mum to Maddy, 5 (May 2012)

''Amy lacks confidence and has been reluctant to go to a drama group; she LOVED Pyjama Drama and even said something at the end of course show and now can't wait to go back!'' Mum to Amy, 5 (May 2012)

''Rachel engaged well with Pyjama Drama and had a lot of fun taking part. It gave her the chance to come up with some creative ideas of her own and to then act them out together with the other children and their ideas. It was a pleasure to watch them in action on the last day.  I hope many other children will benefit from Pyjama Drama too!'' Mum to Rachel, 7 (May 2012)

''My daughters had a lovely time, and were really eager to go back each day. They were proud of what they learnt, they enjoyed making a contribution and they loved being part of the final performance'' Mum to Esme, 6 & Ottilie, 5 (April 2012)


Holiday Sessions

October half term!

Tuesday 24th October - A very noisy night!
Piglets Playcentre, Burhill Road, Hersham, KT12 4BJ
10am & 11am
2 - 5 years
£11, £20 for siblings (includes 40mins soft-play at Piglets)

Wednesday 25th October - A very noisy night!
Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive, Cobham, KT11 2LU
10:00am - 10:40am
2 - 5 years
£7.00 (£12.00 for siblings)

Wednesday 25th October - The colours of autumn
Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive, Cobham, KT11 2LU
11:00am - 11:30am
6 months - 2 years
£6.50 (£11.00 for siblings)

Book your place today!