Drama classes in Oswestry & Shrewsbury

Sing, dance, pretend, play...where will our imagination take us today?

Hi my name is Jane and I run Pyjama Drama in Oswestry, Shrewsbury and North Shropshire.

I have always loved performing 'off the stage' and took part in drama in my youth.  I have taken my two children, Robert and Charlotte to Pyjama Drama classes and by watching them and other children in the class, I have seen them grow in confidence and above all having FUN with their imaginations.

After being a stay at home mum I wanted a role working with children and I am very interested in child psychology and truly believe that pre-school children coming to Pyjama Drama  will help shape and benefit their formative years that are some of the most important developmental years of their lives.  The sessions are designed for your child's age range with music, play and drama where you and your child can lose yourselves in the world of imagination.

Come and join me as Pyjama Drama is lots of fun, for everyone, as we love to sing and love to play as drama is for everyday! I love my job, and I'm delighted to have been nominated in the 2014 What's On 4 Awards as the Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the under fives! If you'd like to see me win you can vote for me here!

Which class is right for your child?

Our thirty minute Dewdrops class is for babies and young toddlers. Raindrops classes are thirty five minutes and are for older toddlers more secure on their feet and who are just beginning to use their imaginations. Rainbows classes are for preschool children and are forty minutes, and Sunbeams children are five to seven years old.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see all public classes, classes in nurseries and schools, holiday workshops, times, and venues.

Class timetable

United Reform Church, Coleham Head, SY3 7BJ

  • 1:15 - Raindrops
  • 2:05 - Rainbows

Thursdays (Starting 1st May)
Gainspark Hall, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, SY3 5HF

  • Raindrops – 10am
  • Rainbows – 10.45am
  • Dewdrops to start 11.30 starting Thursday 5th June.

The Venue, Park Hall, SY11 4AS

  •  9:50 - Dewdrops
  • 10:30 - Raindrops
  • 11:20 - Rainbows

Sunbeams workshops (5 - 7 years)

United Reform Church, Shrewsbury, Coleham Head, SY3 7BJ

9.30 -12.30.

  • 15th April – The Greatest Journey on Earth
  • 27th May – The Happiest Clowns in Town
  • 29th July – Up, Up and Away
  • 5th Aug – All Night Party

Rainbows Specials (2 - 5 years)

United Reform Church, Shrewsbury, Coleham Head, SY3 7BJ

12.45 -1.30

  • 15th April – Chocolate Bunnies
  • 27th May – May Day Mayhem
  • 29th July – The Trolls Terrible Teeth
  • 5th Aug – Robin Hood and his Scary men

Pyjama Drama also visits...

  • Prep-Care Day Nursery, Oswestry
  • Trefonen Pre-school and Primary School
  • Footsteps Nursery, Oswestry
  • Borderbrook AVC School
  • Arddleen Primary School and toddler group
  • Carreghofa Primary School, Llanymynech
  • Pant Pandas Childcare Centre
  • Ysgol Ardwyn Playgroups

To book your place or for more infomation about my above classes, please email janel@pyjamadrama.com or call 01691 898 508. I also deliver action packed parties full of drama and play - contact me to find out more!

I've been nominated as Most Outstanding Activity Leader; can you help me win by voting for me here?


To find out more about me visiting your school or nursery, or to book 3 taster sessions for £12.   Please email janel@pyjamadrama.com or call 01691 898 50801691 898 508.


People say the nicest things...

  • ‘Wow thank you! Parents have nominated me in the What’s On 4 Awards as the Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the under-fives! If you’ve enjoyed Pyjama Drama you can help me win by voting here.’ Jane from Pyjama Drama (March 2014)

  • 'We would like to record our sincere thanks and congratulations for providing such superb entertainment at Kate's fifth birthday party last Sunday. Everyone who attended, (including the parents) enjoyed themselves and we have had some very positive comments passed on to us when we have taken the children to school.  One parent was stunned when he checked his watch and realised that you had kept the children interested for almost an hour and a half, whilst one of the boys told his mum that the party was "awesome". We were very pleased with the way you involved everybody and had them "hanging on your every word". You provided just the sort of party we wanted.  When we went on a journey in the car yesterday, it was the Pyjama drama CD that both Tom & Kate chose to have played. Thanks again.' Alison and John (March 2013)
  • 'We all loved Pyjama Drama, Lydia especially.  It was refreshing to visit a class which didn’t just go over the same old nursery rhymes.' Hannah Roberts mum of Lydia Raindrops (Jan 2013)
  • 'Fantastic, the class structure and content captures the children's imagination perfectly. Your passion and enthusiasm for the classes inspire the children's imagination. ‘The fact that you adapt the drama to fit in with the children's comments and suggestions.It really helps keep them involved and motivated to join in.' Vicky Land  mum of Tabitha Rainbows (Dec 2012)


  • 'The way Jane listens to all the children and encourages them all to join in.  I liked the natural progression of classes, the teacher enables the children to be more independent allowing the 'let's pretend' without parent involvement.'  Mum from Rainbows class in Oswestry (Dec 2012)