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What is Pyjama Drama?

Pyjama Drama is an unique drama based programme that combines drama, movement, music and play and aims to develop core social skills whilst igniting the imagination. In schools we offer two age differentiated programmes:

  • Rainbows for children in nursery/reception
  • Sunbeams for children in years one and two

What happens in a class?

In a Rainbows class which is forty minutes long, children use the elements of drama, including movement and music to explore a range of themes (Amazing me or Magic and Mystery for example). In a typical session children will sing, dance and play drama games but the main focus is of course pretending. Our innovative approach to improvisation and role play means that where ever possible the children are encouraged to lead the direction of the drama themselves so with the children in charge, you can never be quite sure what will happen next! Whilst teachers are welcome to join in, most simply chose to take a step back and watch their class immerse themselves in imaginary worlds. 

Sunbeams classes are one hour long and aim to take children to the next level of understanding with the 'Pyjama Drama tool box'. Children learn to use simple explorative tools to explore characters and events in a story and to create simple dramas; hot seating, freeze frame or narration for example. We have over twelve different themes, Sport, People who help us, The environment and Different people, to name but a few. Again, we put the children in the driving seat and invite them to create the characters and events of a drama themselves. Teachers tell us time and again how our classes benefit their children, not only their social skills and their ability to co-operation and concentrate, but also with their story writing skills and their ability to evaluate their own work.

Benefits of the programme

Drama and play, as we know, has immense benefits for a child's development, in particular for developing those keys social skills necessary for our children to function as happy and successful individuals outside of the home. And that's just one of the reasons that Pyjama Drama is so popular with schools...

''Pyjama Drama is a regular visitor at our school. The programme seamlessly combines drama and music and offers our children an unrestricted creative experience within a safe environment. The programme ticks all the boxes for us - not only does it support the curriculum it is fantastic fun.'' T. Pawley, Infant Coordinator, Churchstoke Primary School, Powys

“Pyjama Drama has been a great inspiration for our children, both the learning knowledge through role play during the Reception workshops and the general increase in self-confidence of those who attend the after-school club.  I'm not surprised that more and more parents are requesting places for their children.  Gina is an enthusiastic and energetic leader with a real talent for working with our younger children.” Mrs Jenni French, Deputy Head, Parley First School, Bournemoth

''During the last year, our school has established a positive partnership with  Pyjama Drama. I was instantly impressed with the variety and range of stimuli used during each session and the high level of engagement with our children. I have since incorporated Pyjama Drama into our school curriculum so that our children can continue to enjoy and participate in the sessions each term, they offer excellent value for money. I have since recommended Pyjama Drama to my cluster of schools in order that good practice is shared, many of which have also established partnerships already.'' Rebecca Fowler, Headteacher, Glantaf Community Infant School, South Wales

How we can work with you

We can work with you in a number of different ways; visiting for a one off session, on a half term basis or every week. We can come in to deliver Rainbows, Sunbeams, or both programmes, either back to back or as a rolling programme. We offer lunch time and afterschool clubs and can offer sessions to support the learning taking place within school if this is appropriate.

It takes no more than two minutes to set up for a Pyjama Drama class; all we need is a large space and a plug point for our music. We won't arrive with a large box of props or costumes, simply because we don't need them. The children themselves and their imaginations are the greatest resource we have available to us and we are really passionate about this aspect of our classes. Whilst dressing up is great fun and has huge benefits in in its own right, they are simply not needed within a Pyjama Drama class as they can dull creativity and get in the way of the imaginative process we are so keen to encourage.

We aim to provide a creative experience that is second to none and it is for this reason that we limit our class sizes to sixteen.

You should also know

Our leaders are all highly skilled drama leaders, love working with children and have had extensive training. They all have enhanced DBS checks and are committed to providing sessions of the very highest standard.

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to book a session in your school, or talk to someone about offering a lunchtime or after school club, please find the contact details of your nearest class leader here. You can also email We hope to see you in your school soon, but in the meantime why not try some Pyjama Drama games for yourself?

If you'd like to find out about running your own Pyjama Drama business, working with schools, nurseries and members of the public delivering these unique classes, download our prosepctus.

Have fun!


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