'Cyber School' - teaching 5 - 7 year olds how to stay safe online

We have recently launched our Internet Safety Package for 5 – 7-year-olds which teaches children how to stay safe online through drama and play.
Our unique one-person shows whisk your children along the Information Superhighway, all the way to Cyber School, where they'll meet Sonny the Superhero, Webster the dog and learn how they and their friends can stay safe on the internet while having fun!
By the end of the show, they're fully qualified Cyber Superheroes - ready to spread the word about internet safety far and near!
Internet Safety
What's included?
  1. An Interactive Performance (drama, music and games)

  2. A Teacher Resource Pack (4 games and 4 worksheets to consolidate the Learning Outcomes of the show)

  3. A Parent Resource (online video to help parents reinforce the key messages at home)

  4. Original music (Cyber Safe’ song for teachers and parents)

  5. A certificate for each child who attends the performance

What's the cost?
£150 for one class (approx. 30 children) and £80 for each additional class.

Want to know more?
Find your local leader here, or email hello@pyjamadrama.com with your details and we'll be in touch!