All businesses face challenges from time to time, and this can feel particularly difficult when you're running your business as a sole trader, as most of our franchisees are. That's why having the support of a franchise network is so helpful and can make all the difference to ultimate business success.

Life throws stuff at us all from time to time which can mean just getting up in the morning can sometimes feel difficult but with a franchise network, there is always support and someone to step in.

At HQ we have often managed our franchisees’ emails and calls when they have been experiencing difficult personal situations, sometimes for weeks, and always visit franchisees in their territory to give them the extra support they need. We personalise our support so no matter how much they need and for how long, they are sure they receive it. And it works both ways. Me and my sister and business partner Rachel McKenna have experienced our own personal tragedy during our time as franchisors, and our team couldn’t have been more supportive of us. This helped us continue to thrive when it would have been easy to flounder.

Because our team are empathetic, emotionally intelligent individuals, there will always be a fellow franchisee on hand to lend a sympathetic ear or offer business advice if you join our franchise.

The world has changed a lot over the past 20 years since Pyjama Drama began, but what hasn't changed is our commitment to changing children’s lives through drama and imaginative play - and we’ve got the most amazing team behind us to help us achieve just this!

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