We love welcoming new franchisees into the Pyjama Drama family, and this week we have welcomed the lovely Lynsey Bowen-Carpenter who is buying an established franchise in Runnmede & Woking - and we know she is going to be brilliant!

Every single one of our franchisees is different, and each brings their own USPs to the business. As part of Lynsey's Week 1 training tasks, she had to think about Pyjama Drama's uniques selling points, and her own: and her USPs are WONDERFUL!

For all Lynsey's professional experience and knowledge, and her clear passion for drama, the one that sticks out the most for me is, "I highly value the importance of being kind." It resonates beautifully with our own Core Principles.

Lynsey, new franchise manager for Runnymede & Woking, USPs:

⭐ I have a wealth of experience working with young children, as a nursery practitioner and then as a primary school teacher, predominantly in the Early Years. 

⭐ I have a passion for learning through play.

⭐ In depth, practical knowledge of the EYFS and the National Curriculum.

⭐ I can develop and maintain excellent relationships with children and adults.

⭐ I highly value the importance of being kind and I am extremely nurturing and patient.

⭐ I have a good sense of humour and enjoy being a big kid at heart myself!

⭐ I love storytelling, using my voice, actions and facial expression to bring stories to life!

⭐ Drama has been a passion of mine from a young age and I studied drama up to GCSE level, gaining a grade A.

⭐ I love to learn new things and I continually reflect on my own practice.

⭐ I have a great imagination and love to make up stories and silly songs with my own children!

⭐ I have bundles of enthusiasm!

If you can recognise you have your own unique selling points that would make you a great Pyjama Drama franchisee, and are considering a change of career, you can download our Info Pack here!