4th August 2017

Rhi and her daughter, three year old Rosie, are self confessed ‘massive fans’ of Pyjama Drama. 

For Rosie, the best thing about Pyjama Drama is her teacher ‘Jay-Jay’ (Jay Hilalen who runs the franchise in Pembrokeshire) who she adores, but for her mum it's the benefits of the programme for her daughter; benefits she has witnessed over the past year of attending classes.

‘Her imagination has really taken off since she started Pyjama Drama” says Rhi of her daughter who she describes as chatty, super-loving and very happy. “Everything she plays now is imaginary play; with her toys, in the car, with me. She is so confident, and her listening skills are great too which I think have been boosted by attending class.”

It’s no wonder then that Rhi recommends Pyjama Drama to all her friends, “I do think it has great benefits, as classes are not just about physical activity; they combine learning, listening, sharing and the imagination.”

If you, like the adorable Rosie above, would like to experience the benefits of Pyjama Drama get in touch to find out more.

Have fun!