1st August 2016

Cute kid 1 and 2 come to their first class in Shell Beach…

Cute kid no. 1: “What do we do here, do we have to wear our pyjamas?”

Me: “No but we can jump around and be super comfy, just like when we’re in our PJs!”

Cute kid no. 1: “Ok, so what are we gonna do here?”

Me: “We’ll sing and we’ll dance, and we’ll go on lots of adventures, we might go flying with dragons or swimming in the sea…”

Cute kid no. 1: “You can’t do that when you’re in your pyjamas!”

Me: “Well you can when you’re at Pyjama Drama, you can go anywhere…”

Cute kid no. 2: “Yeah, it’s just pretending duh! We can go wherever we like!”

Cute kid no. 1: “Ok, cool…I’ll go flying with dragons…”

I love working with children!!! See you tomorrow,