Parents have always played a huge part in the Pyjama Drama journey; they join public classes with their children and are actively encouraged to join in, as well as to observe their child at play. And it’s always been clear that as well as the obvious benefits for children, Pyjama Drama classes can have a powerful impact on parents too, opening their eyes to their child’s imagination and in turn, helping them be more playful at home:

“I didn’t know play looked like this”.

 “I’ve never seen them play like this before”.

“I didn’t realise what an amazing imagination they’ve got”.

“You’ve taught me how to play by watching you!”

Many parents though, are often understandably reticent about joining in at classes - pretending to be a drowning bee or rescuing a fairy from a swamp is probably not what they imagined when they first signed up and I’ve lost count of the times over the years when a parent has said to me,

“I couldn’t do what you do”.

So, imagine our delight when we put out a casting call to local parents and were inundated with responses from mums, dads, and grandparents, all wanting to learn how to lead our drama games with their children, and be filmed in the process!

So, as the next part of the Pyjama Drama journey unfolds, it’s our parents and carers who will be invited to take a starring role. Where it was once our job to teach young children, it’s now also part of our job description to teach adults how to play – and we can’t wait to get started!

Our casting call has now ended but to be part of the action and learn how to lead drama and imaginative play, in the comfort of your own home, click here 

Sarah X