3rd October 2016

Road Safety Week is the UK's biggest road safety event taking place this year  21st - 27th November, and involving thousands of schools, organisations and communities - including us! We get involved every year with our original drama and imaginative play sessions for children up to seven years and visit countless nurseries and schools.

Pyjama Drama is the perfect vehicle (excuse the pun!) to teach children road safety; sessions use drama to place children in a range of situations such as crossing busy roads when distractedwalking on roads without curbs or navigating islands and crossings.  Role play, storytelling and pretend encourage children to ‘trial’ these situations in the safety of the drama and explore a range of consequences. Original music and imaginative games enhance children’s understanding of the importance using the green cross code and wearing high visibility clothing in such a fun way that they won’t even realise they are learning!

To find out more about our one-hour interactive session for up to 30 children, please email us to find out more.

Have fun and stay safe!