Our Annual Seminar in 2019 looked different to the one we had this weekend. Back then, in the October before the pandemic, we had 30 franchisees from across the UK join us for our seminar at a lovely big hotel.
The function room of course had a projector and a screen, a lovely heavy old lectern on which to place our laptops, fresh white linen on tables, and sparkly lights in the evening.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner were fully catered by the hotel, with hot pastries and coffee throughout the day, hot and cold lunch options, and a variety of dinner options too. In the evening we danced and sang karaoke while the disco lights sparkled.
This year, we hosted the event ourselves at our local church hall. No projector this time, just a screen we brought in from the office, and instead of a lectern - a pile of books!
We did the catering ourselves – which meant pastries from the supermarket for breakfast, a picnic for lunch, and fish and chips with fizzy wine for dinner. Afterwards, those of who didn’t have to head home to family went out to the local pub and danced.
It wasn’t really fancy, and we weren’t a huge group, but the learning, sharing and planning that took place was one of the best.
These women are incredible.
If you or someone you know is thinking about starting their own children’s business, I’d encourage them to have a look here ( One day the team will be big enough again that we’ll head back to a fancy hotel somewhere, but you can be sure that wherever we are, we’ll support one another, we’ll take risks, we'll adapt to change, and we’ll keep on using drama and imaginative play to make real, demonstrable differences to the children we work with.