"My child would hate your Pyjama Drama, they're far too shy." These words were said to me at a party I went to this weekend and it's not the first time someone has assumed that only confident children benefit from drama. But they couldn't be more wrong!
Our classes are designed, not to prepare your child for a life walking the boards, but to develop their life skills: problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and communication to name but a few.
Take a look at this lovely review from Mum, Lynne Kimberely, who shares her experience of taking her 'shy' child to a Pyjama Drama class...
"My girl was just over 2 years old when she started Pyjama Drama. She was quiet in class but got stuck in and participated in everything. Then she re-enacted the whole class as soon as we got home (and sometimes in the middle of Costa!). She's now an increasingly confident 3.5-year-old, bossing preschool and chatting to everyone around her. Just recently she introduced herself to a stranger as a sausage roll! Lots of this confidence is down to skills learnt in this class and the hard work of Hollie from Sheffield who made every child feel like they were the most important in the room all at the same time.  I'll be forever thankful and I'll treasure our pyjama drama journey forever."

Shy, confident, or somewhere in between, Pyjama Drama is for everyone, after all, drama is just another word for play!