This is Hazel. The perfect combination of positive, humble, and caring, Hazel is the kind of person you want on your team:

  • When everyone else scrambled for an instrument, she stood back and waited, even though it meant the ‘best’ ones were taken first.
  • When a friend looked like she might cry, she quietly took her hand and didn’t let go.   
  • When another friend struggled to wait their turn, she let them take hers and when another wanted her instrument, she swapped without a word…

These are not the actions of someone without self-confidence, though. Hazel is also the first to greet you with smiles and stories as you walk through the door, shout out ideas and come up with inventive solutions to problems in our ‘pretend’, and she’s the first to volunteer for our games. These are the actions of someone self-assured, comfortable in their own skin, and of someone who cares about others as much as they care about themselves.

Hazel doesn’t play ‘nice’ to get attention or praise and I’m sure doesn’t realise what a unique quality this is. But we see you, Hazel. We see how special you are and we’re very glad you’re on our team!