This picture is taken in one of our after-school drama clubs. It shows a group of five and six-year-olds in role as a family, taken down by the same sickness bug. The children were asked to freeze in role and as you can see, did an amazing job of using their facial expressions and body language to express their character’s feelings.

Just a few months ago, some of the children in this picture would have been unable to hold a freeze for longer than a second (if at all), one may well have felt too self-conscious to join in, and it wouldn’t have been unusual if some had fallen out with each other or become too overwhelmed by their own emotions to take part.

But Pyjama Drama has given them the experience of working in a team and the feeling of pride and self-satisfaction with a job well done.

It has introduced them to new characters and by exploring them, helped them to explore their own emotional responses.

Drama has made them laugh, encouraged them to be kind, helped them learn to take turns, and week by week gently nurtured their self-esteem.

Drama isn’t a ‘soft’ subject or an ‘easy’ option. Drama is a serious business that encourages children to learn about themselves and each other. It helps them develop the skills they need to lead happy and successful lives in our ever-changing world.

And we’re not the only advocates of drama, plenty of parents and teachers agree! Check out our reviews – we’re rated 5* on Trust Pilot! 

Sarah X