I’ve taught over 10,000 classes, but when I first launched Pyjama Drama, the only experience I had with preschool children was with my own. Back then, I was a secondary school drama teacher who was more used to teaching Macbeth than playing hide-and-seek, but having children opened my eyes to the wonder of a child’s imagination, and so Pyjama Drama was born.

I’ve spent the past twenty years making up games, rhymes, and songs and mastering the art of leading imaginative play. I’ve also witnessed incredible transformations: non-verbal children who suddenly started speaking; self-conscious children who found the confidence to 'take the stage'; children who learned to regulate their emotions; and those who, through the drama process, acquired the skills they needed to form positive friendships.

As every teacher knows, self-evaluation is key, and this has been crucial in the development of our award-winning training. In every single class, I’ve learned something new—about how to engage preschool children, stimulate imaginations, and nurture key skills—and we're delighted to now be able to share this knowledge and experience with you. 

We can teach you, no matter what your experience of drama, how to lead drama and imaginative play activites, online or in person.

Take a look at the different training opportunities on offer here or get in touch to find out more. 

Sarah X