9th July 2015

We're always proud to run our business from our Head Office in Wales, but never more so when we learn that Wales will implement all recommended changes to the curriculum issued in Professor Graham Donaldson's ‘Successful Futures’ report -  a clear endorsement of the value of creativity! This means Expressive Arts will be one of the six Areas of Learning and Development alongside Health and well-beingHumanities,  Languages, Literacy and CommunicationMathematics and numeracy and Science and technology.

In the report, Professor Donaldson talks about the arts as providing “opportunities to explore thinking, refine, and communicate ideas, engaging thinking, imagination and senses creatively”. It is anticipated that children will learn about art, drama, dance, film and digital media as well as there being opportunities for them to visit theatres, galleries and invite artists into the classroom.

We couldn't be more delighted; the benefits of drama is something we witness daily so making the Arts key to learning gets our vote every time. And don't forget it was Einstein who so famously said, 'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination'

Go Wales!