This is me. Someone who was shy as a child, someone who hates having their photograph taken, and someone who almost gave up teaching due to extreme anxiety brought on by the fear of being observed by other adults. 

Today, I deliver sessions in nurseries and schools where I am not only constantly observed but where adults constantly take un-flattering photos like these!

I also train other preschool practitioners how to deliver drama activities but more importantly, how to throw themselves into imaginary worlds with their children - without caring what anyone else thinks!

So, if you’re naturally shy, feel self-conscious or embarrassed singing, reading stories (or just generally being ‘silly’), and want to learn how to be OK with pulling the most ridiculous faces in front of your peers, take a look at our range of training packages. We can visit your setting, or you can train in our own time (in under an hour) and deliver our award-winning resources

Wondering what on earth we were up to in this class? I'll give you a clue. We were exploring the garden in the moonlight...

Sarah X